Nursing Theory

Theorist PowerPoint Presentation due 04/04/2020 (15 points)
Please choose any nursing theorist that is presented in this course.
Follow the information below for the PowerPoint Presentation.
Ensure that you follow the grading rubric below.
Provide feedback on at least two PowerPoint presentations.

Title Slide (Title, You Name, School Name, Course Number and Name, Professor Name, Date)
Introduction of the Nursing Theorist (Select any theorist from this course)
Classification of the theory (Grand Theory, Middle Range, Practice Level, etc.).
Discuss the model/concept of the presented theory (theoretical overview).
Applicability to nursing practice (Clinical or Professional Examples)
Implications for Nursing Research (How will this theory advance nursing practice?)
Conclusion (Summary)

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Nursing Theory
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Nursing Theories and Theorist: Choose only one for your presentation 
-Florence Nightingale developed the environmental theory.
-Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory
-Barbara Dossey’s Theory of Integral Nursing
-Jean Watson’s – Theory of Human Caring

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