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Hi Maria

It is a great post! I like how you explained the importance of organizational support and nurses’ role of  a patient advocacy. It is so true that organizational support empowers nurses to speak and act for the right of the patients. Physician’s support for the nurses to participate in the patient family meeting in order to inform on patient condition and the hospital’s support to manage adequate staffing facilitates nurses to work in a less stressful environment allowing them to contribute enough time for patient advocacy. 



     Hospice is a type of care that is for terminally ill patients that have six months or less to live.I feel that one patient right that is not fully implemented is patient rights. The patient has the right to his or her care and choices for live sustaining treatment. I feel this can be jeopardized because sometimes family members may want to choose treatment or plans for their loved ones however the patient may not always want the medication or treatment the family members want. So I think it is important to always get the patient’s perspective of what they want for their care and maybe have them alone in the room without family around. As nurses we are to advocate for our patients and support them through their journey. Therefore hospice patients typically get pain management medications but some patients may not want to take them. As a nurse we are to stand by their side and agree with their choices. In the patient’s care environment we are supposed to provide an environment with caring, compassion, quiet, and safe place. By advocating for a patient we are able to do this.As nurses we can definitely assist in protecting our patient right by advocating speaking up for patients and sticking by their side. 

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