North Coast Town

North coast town- related to the journey – coffs harbor ‘’tropicana -familiar to him -speaks from a outsiders view -presents from a objective point of view hes very critical about it – town is like a microcosm (small piece of something that can be placed anywhere) -it was a drifting sort of life -go with the flow -age of innocence -sleeping on beach was common -gray has managed to describe the life of a hippie/hitchhiker -hitchhiker was a man! – north coast summer -washed himself at tap -always mud near a tap puts hand in pocket finds sand this adds reality for the poem -as he looks around he notices hamburger stand but without money it doent make much difference -he only has a floury apple to eat -sand crawled on the footparth when he was waiting for his lift – cars are busy going somewhere -lack compassion -no luck of getting a lift –hoods going shooting -plastic pennants are everywhere, totally artificial and suggest high pressure selling by city petrol station -the rsl like a fancy dress inca a imagery less successful -there making calafornia the car passes nieve and slighlty rediculas buildings that reflect early attempts to attract the tourist dollar -as they drive outta town they pass bulldozed acres proberly the site of a new plaza.This is another sign of invasion by city methods and city values all important parts of a journey -aboriginals live on outside of the town – although the poet seems to be mainly concerned with the outside appearance of this town the last line suggests that he is ahead of his time in being aware of aboriginals as fellow human beings. the poet also leaves us with the significant fact that the aboriginal is not attempting to hitch 1. The usual significance of daybreak in literature is the beginning of a new day a clean fresh start ‘’ first thing is the morning’’ it’s the opening of the poem 2. we get the poets perspective , the hitchhiker.
Its important because hes only passing though on his journey to get somewhere. 3. the shell garage represents his experience with industrialization shells are also represented on the rsl walls, water refers to the tap and a brief wash. He was doing his early morning abolitions.Also refers to the mud. This is not the expected experiences of the hitchhiker because everything was closed. HOMEWORK QUESTION 4,5,6 !!!!! 4.
The message of the lines” palm fronds scrape dryly” and “pass an abo, not attempting to hitch ,outside town” means ………………………………………….. 5. gray makes the poem real to us by saying stuff that makes us create pictures in our heads of were he is like in the opening line out beside the highway, first thing in the morning nothing in my pockets but sand makes us automatically imagine a highway next to a beach.And when he says two hoods going shooting, tattoos and greasy fifties pompadours rev in high street creates a image in our head of rebels breaking rules 6. Overall this poem negative judgement of north coast towns. -mens is locked -vandals lavatory -palm fronds scrape here dryly -two hoods – shooting tattoos and greasy fiftys pompadours -drop their first can – plastic pennants -distilled morning –

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North Coast Town
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