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Hi folks,
For the last few weeks, we’ve been focusing on the role of heroes in storytelling and stories. Often times, we see heroes as the bravest among us. But what is true bravery? Is it simply not showing fear? This is a question that researcher-storyteller Brené Brown explores in her Netflix special “The Call to Courage”. This week, I’m asking you to watch that special (please let me know if you don’t have Netflix and we can work it out), and respond to the following questions in a typed response.

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Netflix Assignment
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Before watching the special, how would you have defined courage? What did it or does it still mean to you, personally.
What is one surprising message or idea regarding courage that you learned by watching Brown’s special?
Is there an instance in your life or relationships wherein being brave – in the sense of vulnerability – might have a positive impact? Describe the situation and how being vulnerable may have a good effect on it.
How will you implement or use what you’ve learned from this special moving forward, in our interactions with friends, loved ones, classmates, or even coworkers? What specific strategies or new approaches come to mind?
Finally, name one instance in which you wish you’d been brave, but weren’t. Reflect on how the outcome might have been different if you’d chosen bravery.

Your response should respond to all of the questions above, be at least one full page long, be typed in Arial 12-point font, and be double-spaced. It will be due on Canvas or in class next week, on Thursday.

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