Need Help Answering These Discussion Questions

Mainframes.  Please respond to the following:

•Take a position on the following statement, “Mainframe computers are still needed even though personal computers and workstations have increased in capabilities.” Defend your position by providing at least one example to support your position.

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Need Help Answering These Discussion Questions
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•Analyze the differences between distributed data processing and centralized data processing. Provide an example of each. Then compare each to the processing used in cloud computing.

Circuit Switching and Packet Switching.  Please respond to the following:

•Cite two examples of a circuit switch and packet switch environment. Base one example on a circuit switch and the other on a packet switch. Describe the trade-off between the two technologies and the reason why packet switching is more appropriate for the Internet.

•Assuming your daily routine stayed the same, speculate the problems you would have if the Internet didn’t exist. Speculate the problems of a familiar organization given the same scenario.

IPv6 Adoption.  Please respond to the following:

•Take a position on the idea of IPv6 being hailed as the next generation of the Internet. Support your response with evidence or examples.

•Critique the adoption and deployment of IPv6, and determine the security and networking issues associated with this process.

Fat Clients and Servers.  Please respond to the following:

•Provide a scenario in which the use of fat servers would be preferred over the use of fat clients. Describe why fat servers, rather than fat clients, should be used in your scenario.

•Compare the pros and cons of Intranets to those of the Internet from an organizational perspective. Suggest one way to integrate the two and the benefits this may bring.

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