My Classmates

Patricia’s classmate is a young man about in his late teens early twenties. He is quite tall, slender build about six feet one inch maybe a little shorter. He looks as if he weighs about one hundred and seventy pounds maybe a little more or a little less. He has chestnut brown hair and it is very short, his hair is cut with a fade so it gets shorter towards the bottom he has side burns but they are very short to about the top of his ear. This classmate is a very good looking guy, he has a square shape face. He doesn’t have a lot of freckles but a few. He is Caucasian his skin tone is a natural beige color.
His eyes are a pretty hazel, pale green on the outside and towards the middle a light brown, he also has pretty long eye lashes. His facial hair looks as if he has a five o’clock shadow all the time. He has nice teeth, not bleach paper white but they have a little tint of yellow to them kind of like you can tell he drinks coffee, his teeth also are straight except the top center teeth are a little crooked and slant towards the inside of his mouth. This classmate doesn’t seem like a shy person, he seems to be outgoing and likes to have people around he likes to be sarcastic towards others too.
His voice is not very high or loud, he has a low soft timber. Which is soothing to others when it’s been a hectic day. The classmate doesn’t have a distinctive type of clothing he dresses casual and seems to be comfortable in anything he throws on. He tends to wear Vans shoes all the time. He doesn’t seem to have a certain brand of anything he wears besides his shoes so probably just any jeans he feels comfortable in. So in all this classmate is an everyday kind of guy, he is casual, good looking, nice trimmed hair, with a five o’clock shadow all the time, and seems like a really nice guy to keep around as a friend.

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My Classmates
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