Music Teacher

Reflective Essay #5 I value everything about music. I believe that it promotes many good things, including creativity and cooperation, and it encourages and helps build friendship. I believe that there is one thing that it does that is most important, however. It helps to build confidence. Confidence is a huge factor in a person’s life, and it usually starts as a child. It helps them to make friends, and to feel good about themselves. Involvement in music helps to start building self-confidence in children gradually and not forcefully.
Most of the time, children don’t even know that it’s happening; I didn’t realize it until I started college. Performing in front of an audience gives a person courage that they didn’t even know that they possessed, and they can then go on to use this courage and confidence in other situations in their lives, thus creating a better life for them. Music education is the best teacher of this self-confidence, and I believe that most children wouldn’t have the same confidence if they didn’t have a music class every week.
This is a very strong point that I would make as a school board member. I believe that self-confidence is a huge component of life, and that it should be taught or encouraged starting at a young age. Music definitely teaches this, along with other great things such as creativity, cooperation, and friendship, which is why children should have a music class at least once a week, starting in kindergarten. These values would influence my teaching in a couple ways.

It would help me to prepare students for concerts, starting to build their confidence before they perform for an audience. I would also prepare them so that they wouldn’t have to add the worry of forgetting their music to the fear of performing. I also get performance anxiety, so I understand how much preparation really helps aid a performance. Self-confidence is a huge part of life, and it is partially taught through music performance.

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Music Teacher
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