Motivation Working In Groups Education Essay

The planetary competitory environment is witnessing a new displacement where more and more companies are forming their activities and undertakings around groups. Bing able to work efficaciously in a group is now considered a important demand for any employee. This write up inside informations my motive behind fall ining a Masters class in direction at the Bangor Business School and how this is assisting me to smooth my accomplishments as an effectual group member and a future director. This piece of work besides identifies assorted issues faced when working in groups and simple solutions that can be applied to antagonize these booby traps to maximise end products.

The undergraduate plan in Commerce at Bishop Heaber College Trichy, India introduced me to a broad scope of subjects in my nucleus topic such as economic sciences, statistics and mathematics. The commercialism course of study non merely inculcated a high grade of job resolution and analytical accomplishments in the nucleus field but besides gave me a opportunity to briefly explore other practical concern spheres such as direction, finance, selling, accounting and jurisprudence. These subjects are extremely relevant in the current economic scenario and it is really interesting to look into how the interplay of assorted forces thrusts planetary growing.
What fascinated me most was the fact that many of the theoretical subjects in direction have profound practical public-service corporation and when applied to assorted jobs these guarantee of import procedure and merchandise betterments. In order to carry through my dream of going a high-tech concern adviser, I decided to fall in a postgraduate plan in Management at a reputed university that would supply me with ample chances in footings of growing, personally every bit good as professionally. Harmonizing to McClelland ‘s Theory of Needs motive depends on three demands – Accomplishment, power and association ( McClelland, 1961 & A ; 1975 ) . These 3 factors were instrumental in actuating me to fall in a postgraduate plan and work towards accomplishing my ends.
The following challenge that I faced was to calculate out a university that would run into my criterions and demands and would turn out cardinal to my success in future enterprises. After a thorough research, I zeroed down on the Bangor Business School at the Bangor University. Harmonizing to Clayton Alderfer ‘s ERG Theory, being, relatedness and growing are the three chief factors that motivate people for fall ining an organisation. My determination of fall ining the Bangor University was based on these three factors as this university provides personal attending to pupils, offers chances that pupils can associate to and nowadayss ample infinite to turn ( Alderfer, 1969 ) .
The Bangor concern school provides a overplus of classs in direction with a extremely trained staff and coactions worldwide with the industry supplying first-class future chances. The fact that this concern school has been late rated by the Research Assessment Exercise ( RAE ) as the best in UK for accounting and finance farther strengthened my determination of fall ining this university ( Bangor, Homepage, 2010 ) .
In recent yesteryear, the university staff was responsible for transporting out extremely acclaimed consultancy undertakings for authorities and non-government organisations with assorted publications in the prima diaries. The Bangor concern school provides abundant chances for heightening and developing competences in direction. Besides, in order to go a successful adviser I require custodies on experience and cognition of planetary concern, foreign markets and competition with a thorough apprehension of planetary forces and concern schemes. Bangor, through its coaction with foreign companies and universities provides sufficient exposure in the planetary domain, both practically every bit good as technically.
Another factor that attracted me towards the Bangor concern school apart from the module and installations was the pupils. As the college undertakes merely a limited figure of extremely qualified pupils who are selected after stiff competition, quality of pupils is the kernel of this university. The chief advantages offered by this layout include:
Fewer figure of pupils enrolled guarantee that an first-class resonance is developed with all the members of the class. This helps in interchanging rich cognition and expertness from assorted subjects such as humanistic disciplines, commercialism, jurisprudence, scientific discipline, concern disposal, selling, etc. amongst different pupils.
The familiarity, good will and contacts built during the continuance of the class prove to be really effectual and of import in the long tally when different pupils join different industries at assorted profiles.
These pupils have varied positions and backgrounds and sharing this enormously helps in bettering any professional.
Therefore, interacting with this creme de la creme was a large motive for fall ining the Bangor University.
Determining an appropriate and contributing attack towards larning is indispensible to the procedure of deriving cognition. Harmonizing to Biggs & A ; Telfer ( 1987 ) , the chief attacks undertaken by pupils comprise of two elements – Motivation and Strategy. Based on this, he identified three chief attacks adopted by pupils. These were the Surface Approach, the Deep Approach and the Achieving Approach.
Surface Approach: In the Surface Approach, positive and negative extrinsic motivations play a critical function and pupil ‘s scheme is to try the least to go through a topic. In the procedure he renders himself inefficient of understanding the significance of what he has learned and the interplay of factors because the motivation is superficial and he has no personal involvement in what he is making.
Deep Approach: In the Deep Approach, motivation is an intrinsic wonder to larn things and the scheme undertaken by the pupil is one of personal committedness towards larning. In the procedure he comprehends and understands things in the best possible mode, attempts to co-relate things learned with past experiences and accomplishes the chief undertaking of analyzing.
Achieving Approach: In the Achieving Approach, the motivation is to accomplish a peculiar end such as high classs and the scheme adopted by the pupil is to make at the most what is required to accomplish his end.
During my full pupil life I have ever strived towards deriving a deep cognition of each topic that I studied. In the competitory universe that a professional faces one time that he comes out of the college, a strong foundation is required if he wishes to boom and turn. Hence, when I joined the Bangor University my chief motive was to construct a strong and deep apprehension of assorted topics, variables and subjects of direction.
In 2001, Biggs described two chief influences that shape a pupil ‘s attack towards larning – Personal factors and Teaching. These are described below:
Personal factors such as background, upbringing or personality may hold a positive or negative consequence on the pupil and may motivate him towards developing a Surface Approach or a Deep Approach.
Teaching: Conventional learning methods such as everyday scrutinies, clip force per unit area, taging strategies, detainment, etc. lead pupils towards developing a Surface Approach of larning. On the other manus, newer learning methods such as instance surveies, activities, tutorials, job resolution, flexible rating systems, etc. promote pupils towards developing a Deep Approach.
At Bangor, the module believes in an synergistic instruction manner where the pupil is free to inquire inquiries and is encouraged to believe out of the box. In fact the techniques employed have molded assorted pupils from being Surface attacks to Deep attacks. This procedure has been accelerated by advancing student-student interactions that result in an exchange of expertness and in bend actuating pupils to travel for an in-depth analysis of assorted jobs and issues.
In short, the unique and latest learning methods employed at Bangor have helped direction pupils in developing a strong apprehension of assorted direction related subjects such as Problem Solving and Decision Making, Planning, Delegation, Internal Communications, Meeting Management, Leading, Coordinating and Controlling, Pull offing Self, Managing Stress, etc. ( McNamara, 2010 ) . These methods provide a alone environment where the pupils contribute towards the growing of each other therefore maintaining one and all motivated. Simultaneously, the university achieves the primary end of instruction by heightening the acquisition ambiance of pupils and by increasing the efficiency of the module.
As discussed earlier, Bangor demonstrates a broad scope of diverseness by uniting different people from different parts with different academic backgrounds as one large group. As a portion of the MBA course of study, many times pupils are required to be grouped harmonizing to activities, instance surveies or undertakings assigned to the category. This brings the subject of working in groups. Harmonizing to Robbins ( 2004, pp:219 ) :
“ A Group is defined as two or more persons, interacting and mutualist, who have come together to accomplish peculiar aims ” .
Working in groups can be either pleasant or hard or at times both. On the brighter side, uniting people with heterogenous backgrounds and experiences ensures best consequences in footings of value add-on to the batch. Students demonstrate a high degree of originative thought, solutions design and job work outing guaranting better end products. The kineticss achieved by this theoretical account guarantees a healthy ambiance within the campus and pupils staying positively competitory.
In Management classs, pupils are divided into groups to accomplish assorted motivations which in bend help them in deriving a competitory border when they venture out in the industry. A individual who works good in a group is in all possibility traveling to be an first-class squad worker when he joins an organisation. Assorted positive results achieved by working in groups are described below:
When pupils work in groups they draw on each others knowledge and expertise to accomplish better consequences. This is due to the fact that a multiple sentiment is ever better than a individual sentiment as it shows heterogeneousness and avoids prejudice.
Group working achieves best consequences for rating studies such as instance studies, reappraisals and reviews, research undertakings such as those that entail primary and secondary research and little undertakings that involve an statement such as a argument.
Students working in groups besides make the best of the available strengths within the group. For e.g. in a written undertaking, one of the members who has an first-class bid on vocabulary can compose the paper whereas other who has an expertness in the linguistic communication can proofread.
Working in groups makes pupils responsible as they work coherently to accomplish a common undertaking and in the procedure maintain actuating each other to execute better.
While working in groups there is a least possibility for members to stall.
Group working ensures that single manners ever come to the head supplying enhanced consequences.
Group working is governed by assorted pressing factors such as efficiency of members, degree of struggle, external conditions, procedures, internal communicating, etc. These factors give rise to assorted issues within the group ( Goodman, 1987 ) . Group work is seldom perfect and one is expected to meet a broad scope of issues and jobs when working in groups. For any direction pupil to be effectual it is really of import that he uses solutions design and advanced schemes for antagonizing these issues. What remains indispensable is the fact that whatever 1 does, he should non ache or pique other group members. Few issues associated with working in groups along with executable solutions will be discussed in the undermentioned paragraphs.
I ) Disagreement
Disagreement and following a collaborative working manner are the biggest issues when working in a group. Each person in the group should understand that the basic thought of the course of study behind transfusing a collaborative working manner is the fact that thoughts will be challenged to accomplish better consequences and a struggle is non ever bad ( Schellhardt, 1994 ) . There are opportunities that other members of the group might come up with thoughts that are right or more relevant and can be supported by grounds. In order to stay competitory in such a scenario one should promote dissension to measure the strength of 1s ain thoughts and to research other possible options.
A collaborative working manner should be promoted in the group to antagonize dissension. Collaborative manner has assorted paradigms associated with it. These include stating non merely what to make in the group but besides activities required for carry throughing a peculiar undertaking i.e. how to accomplish desired consequences. Collaboration is most fruitful when a certain degree of formality is introduced in the group behaviour such as everyday meetings and advancement sheets and by maintaining the group ‘s involvement before personal 1s. Another step to antagonize dissension is to be ready to compromise. This means that each member of the group should be ready to listen and suit each others sentiment and forfeit or modify his ain theories in the visible radiation of cognition and grounds. Encouraging dissension, as discussed above, is really effectual but what should be understood is the fact that groups that merely differ do non stay functional. Therefore, it is really of import to equilibrate the 2 forces of dissension.
As per Robbins ( 2004 ) a working group is non an unorganised crowd but should hold a construction and most significantly a leader or a captain or a go-between. Therefore, a go-between or chair individual can be assigned for each meeting who will listen to all the parties and come up with concluding indifferent recommendations. All groups have specific norms that are established early to guarantee smooth operation ( Hackman, 1992 ) . Discussion regulations such as no personal onslaughts can be decided early in the procedure. Group behavior encourages people to develop a critical attack towards inquiries which proves to be an advantage in existent universe puting where an person is confronted with assorted pressing issues and jobs.
Division of work Division of work and duties is indispensible to the success of working in groups. Undertakings should be divided in such a manner that all resources are adequately utilised without over burthening any specific person. The existent undertaking can be broken down into smaller sub-tasks and each sub-task can be assigned to one individual. Care must be taken to guarantee that sub-tasks should be divided harmonizing to single strengths. For e.g. a individual good at proofreading can be assigned for proofreading and one good at forming should be assigned to forming informations and concluding end product. Furthermore, interpersonal accomplishments are a deciding factor for high public presentation and members should show and larn these from each other to better their competences ( Stevens & A ; Campion, 1994 ) . Therefore, to maximise the use of resources work should be delegated harmonizing to the strengths and expertness of group members.
III ) SOCIAL Idleness
Covering with Slackers is another issue in group working. This phenomenon called as Social Loafing ( Comer, 1995 ) refers to the inclination of people to work less when working in groups. Normally persons on a individual undertaking are uniformly graded hence go forthing a large room for one or more members to go dawdlers. To cover with this state of affairs, regulations should be laid down at the start itself. These can be simple penalties such as if a member does non go to a meeting without any specific ground he would purchase a Burger for everyone in the group to harsh 1s such as non including the name of the individual on the concluding study. Usually group members end up making excess work because they do non take shirkers to undertaking and do non talk their head. On the contrary, such sentiments and issues should be flagged at the earliest in the group.
Another chief issue associated with working in groups is keeping regard for persons. The image becomes hard when one or more members in the group see themselves superior and smarter than others. This is a unsafe attitude that may do clash within the group. Besides there is a opportunity where persons may believe that they would hold learnt better if they had worked separately on the subject. Researchs have demonstrated that group working is more efficient in doing better quality and speedy determinations when compared to single working ( Cooke & A ; Kernaghan, 1987 ) . It is besides of import to promote members to discourse their strengths and failings at the first session itself so that they can be best utilised.
Sharing of ideas by and large consequences in coherence within a group as people feel nearer to each other. Group members should be encouraged to develop and heighten their ability to LISTEN. Group works best when all members are ready to listen to each other with an unfastened head. Furthermore, in a campus environment where pupils come from different states and civilizations, something which is acceptable in one civilization might non be the same in another ( Axtell, 1991 ) . Therefore, regard for persons, their civilizations and values is indispensable to the success of any group.
V ) Communication
Timely communicating on all undertaking and single related affairs is paramount to the success of any group. Unable to run into at distinct clip or topographic point can take to perturbations in the smooth running of a group. Regular communicating should be maintained in the signifier of regular meetings to be held at a stipulated clip agreed amongst the group members. Here, persons can voice their findings on assorted subjects every bit good as flag their personal jobs if any. Other options such as electronic mails, telephones, confab suites, couriers, etc. may be used if in instance one-to-one treatments can non be planned at all. One of the members can be assigned to enter proceedingss of the meeting and can go around the meeting notes to everyone. This formalizes the procedure of communicating and makes certain that everyone in the group is on the same platform. Besides it is easier for the members to look back on the notes and see if they are on the mark and have achieved what was decided as per agenda.
Inefficient clip direction besides causes a batch of jobs if things are non achieved as distinct. Therefore to avoid clip lags the best attack is to hold pre-agreed mileposts for the undertaking that can be converted into Gantt charts. It is a misconception that working in a group takes lesser clip. In fact, working in a group can be really clip devouring due to encephalon storming, developing understanding on a subject, collating information, alterations and proofreading, etc. Thus, group work should ne’er be considered as less work in lesser clip. It is besides of import to use meeting clip expeditiously to avoid slowdown subsequently on. To accomplish this, the docket of the following meeting can be decided in the current one itself ; all members should come prepared for the meeting ; go-between can direct a reminder through electronic mail or phone before for the approaching meeting ; go-between or chair individual should be rigorous about the timelines.
Decision: MBA & A ; BEYOND
To sum up, prosecuting a Masters grade in Management for me is non merely a tool to accomplish position, richness and wealths but a ladder to understand and research assorted spheres of direction. The chief motive behind trailing this plan is to play with assorted direction patterns in order to understand the interplay of factors and to larn ways of using latest theories of direction to pattern. This will assist me in going an first-class director by steering my accomplishments to plan efficient and advanced concern solutions.
Continuous chase for wisdom has made me look up to the cognition that I already had and has farther motivated me to hone my accomplishments. The Bangor Business School has provided me an first-class chance to carry through my dream by fall ining this class and deriving sufficient in footings of proficient accomplishments, interpersonal accomplishments and contacts. This concern school has non merely equipped me with a deep cognition of the class stuff but is determining me to be an effectual scholar and hearer. Assorted direction attacks and rules that I am larning in this class such as working in groups will fit me better to accommodate easy when I join the existent universe of concern. My love for direction patterns will do me take up challenges whole heartedly.
This organic structure of work can be used by pupils to understand the importance and kineticss of working in groups. Furthermore, simple solutions proposed can be easy adopted and implemented by one and all to maximise end products when working in groups.

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