Morocco: Economy and Trade

King Mohammed VI realized the need and potential in energy and the impact that it would have upon the government and the presiding society.  The process of redeveloping the country has taken over five years as the eco-system has suffered and the unemployment rate are holding at 20 percent of the population in the cities.  The US -North African Economic Partnership is only half of the global integration as the Morocco- EU Association Agreement has been developing since March of 2000.  The interglobal dependency is attending to the needs of 1) telecommunications/ information systems 2) electric power system 3) environmental technology 4) water and waste water treatment and 5) tourism.  These primary needs will develop the economy that had originate in the farms and crops that include wheat, feed grain, and crude vegetable oil.
The restrictions upon the businesses of imports and exports has been used to develop the nations as quickly as possible. The restriction of any imports is nominal as the economy relies on the developing trade from the US and the EU.  The control that is imposed by their government has been reduced to alleviate any more problems from credit and foreign exchange allocution; reduce trade barrier; increase monitoring of governmental spending; and the introduction of new corporations.
The previous stance as foreign trade has reduced by adhering to the Morocco’s World Trade Organization.  The public acceptance of the American goods and services as the time p for development will begin to change their society.  The  more products that are from the United States will allow great accessibility and the affect that it will have upon the economy.  Simplify the process by reducing the tariff and having the inspections  simpler.  Many companies such as Coco- Cola, Fruit of the Loom, Johnson and Johnson, and Pfizer will encourage the economy and have a positive result upon the society.

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