.The primary purpose of hit-and-run laws is to keep people at the scene of an accident.a.   Trueb.   False
2.Direct file authority exists in all states.a.   Trueb.   False
3.Both internal and external possession of illegal drugs is chargeable.a.   Trueb.   False
4.Conduct engaged in by a juvenile, which if committed by an adult would be a crime, is called a status offense.a.   Trueb.   False
5.The equivalent crime to extortion when committed by a private individual is called blackmail.a.   Trueb.   False
6.The key element that distinguishes false imprisonment from arrest is the type of restraint.a.   Trueb.   False
7.Physical possession is not necessary to charge one with possession of illegal drugs as long as the person has control of the place or area where the drugs are found.a.   Trueb.   False
8.The main difference between kidnapping and abduction is the sex of the offender.a.   Trueb.   False
9.A juvenile is a person whose age varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.a.   Trueb.   False
10.In all jurisdictions, liability for the crime of making and uttering a worthless check arises at the time the check is presented to the bank for payment.a.   Trueb.   False
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