Module 3 Project

 Your submission should include the following:

Microsoft Word document that is at least 3-4 pages long

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Module 3 Project
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Title Page containing the project title, your name, and date of the assignment. Resource: Quick Guide on Formatting
Contains an entity relationship diagram (ERD), explanation of the entities, attributes, and data types.
Updated SQL code (must be saved in *.txt or *.sql format).
References Page – Include references and links to your research sources. Use APA documentation style consistently to cite any sources in your research. Resources: Quick Guide on References 
I need references cited in the word document as well as a reference page.; Sample SQL code that will be used to begin creating your database and tables in *.txt or *.sql format.

Data Modeling and ERD Document
Your assignment should include:

Use advanced formatting features such as flowcharts or graphics; produce professional documentation that includes a copy of your ERD. This can be embedded in your Word document as an image or attached to your submission as a JPG or PDF attachment. Use Microsoft Visio or another Data Modeling tool to create an ERD that documents the data required to support Greta’s Gym competitive team processes, as documented in the case. Make sure you include highlighted data from your Data Gathering Document that you created in Module 2.
Your ERD must be clearly labeled, and should not contain any M:M relationships or multi-valued attributes.
Follow all standards and practices as we discussed during the lectures.
Updated sample SQL code based on your ERD that will be used to begin creating your database and tables. Demonstrate your ability to make sophisticated use of information including the case study document, text materials, and other resources. You will utilize file transfer protocols (FTP) to both download and upload files to a website, database, or repository to begin building your database in the next module. Updated sample code must be saved in *.txt or *.sql format.

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