Mobile Phone and People

The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal. People have become overly dependent on technology. University students should pass the English proficiency test before graduation Argumentative Essay : People have become overly dependent on technology. Topic: People have become overly dependent on technology 1. Introduction (paragraph 1) A. Hook: Computer, hand phones, Internet, and latest gadgets such as GPStacking devices are not anymore unusual thing in our daily life. B. Connecting Information People start to use those technological inventions as their daily life needs.
People’s life style has blend together with technology. C. Thesis Statement Although most of the people think that technology has made our life easier, inmy opinion its making us overly dependent on those technologies. 2. Body A. Paragraph 2 (First point) Today’s generation is becoming much lazier than the earlier generation. This isbecause they are too dependent on technologies. Some of them are unable todo things on their own. For example, some people are depends on grass-cutting machine to clean their lawn, while they can just do it without it. Another example is, today’s youth generation can’t separate with their mobilephones.
They feel like they lost someone in their family if the hand phone isnot in their hand. This clearly shows us how much people depending ontechnologies. B. Paragraph 3 (Second point) Most of the powerful countries are depends on their industrial power tostabilize their status. Technology made industrial development to increaserapidly. Industries depend more on machines than human power. This newlydiscovered robotic technology makes human workers to be totally ignored insome factories. C. Paragraph 4 (Third point) Besides that, mobile technology makes our lives even faster.

As devicesbecome lighter and more powerful we no longer have to wait until we arrive atour destination. We can do almost anything while on the road. In this fastphased world, people without a laptop or mobile devices are the one who leftbehind of their work. Those days, people communicate through letters. But nowadays, some people lost thousands of money if there is no email servicefor one hour. D. Paragraph 5 (Counterargument) On other hand, peoples say that technology reflects how far human kind hasevolved and civilized. They think that I phones and PDAs symbolizes thedevelopment of human race.
However in my opinion, these people didn’trealize that we are losing our capability as technology develops. Thousands of years ago people successfully built pyramid with just using human power. Istrongly stand in my opinion that people have become overly dependent ontechnology. 3. Conclusion A. Restated thesis: As a conclusion, it’s clear that we have become overly dependent ontechnology by the facts that we are becoming lazier, ignoring humanpower, and working while travelling in our daily life, although when most of the people say that technology made our lives better.
B. Suggestion/ Prediction / Opinion: If people didn’t learn how to stand on their own leg to do things, surelythey will suffer when the day comes. People should know how to surviveand do things without depending too much on technology. Article; Are People Overly Dependent on Technology? You know you’ve got too much technology in your life when you and your significant other are sitting together on the couch, having a text-message conversation with each other. Who ever imagined that “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” could actually refer to our vocal cords?
Admittedly, it’s a very convenient form of communication and entirely appropriate at times, like during weddings, funerals, and tests. But it’s not just text messaging, it’s the entire technology spectrum that has zombified us, and it only seems to be getting worse. I know a handful of people who can’t get into their cars and onto the road until they’ve synced all their Bluetooth devices with their car’s Bluetooth system, have texted several people to let them know they’ve just left, will be rolling shortly, and will text them when they get there, and checked their multiple email accounts once last time.
And by one last time I mean before they get to the next stop light where they’ll check it again, just in case something important from a rich, retired army general with banking connections in Zimbabwe has shown up. Do any of us really wonder why our auto insurance rates are through the roof, and portable technology can be cited as a prime factor in accident after accident on our highways and byways? Bet you didn’t know that many motorcycle helmets are now equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, for those times when a call just can’t wait until you’ve slowed your bullet bike to 150mph.
By any definition you choose, this is an unnecessary overreach of modern technology. As a society, on the whole, have we truly become too dependent on technology, or does it only seem that way because crotchety old technophobes keep telling us that? Consider your daily routine as insight into the answer. What would your day be like without a computer, without a smart-phone, without 600 channels of cable television, without Facebook and Twitter, and without your Kindle Fire?
Would your entire day be thrown out of kilter if the first thing you didn’t do each morning was check your email on your smartphone before you turned on your laptop to check those same emails? What would a day without Facebook be like for you? How about just an hour? Admittedly, I’m writing this article on my computer for people to read on their computers, which might make me part of the problem, but if I could create a daily “hardcopy” following, I would. It’s a simple fact of the 21st century that we depend on technology for everything, and those who eschew it are somehow called backwards, out of touch, and quite often my parents.
Still, do we require so much technology to function in today’s society, or do we just tell ourselves that in an attempt to continue feeling relevant? Is it really important that my Facebook friends know that I just sat down for dinner at my favorite restaurant? I think the impetus for so much of this is fear of not keeping up with the new Joneses, who are frequently teenagers and young adults who couldn’t possibly give you directions to the library because they have no idea what a library is.
How many times have you stood in line, possible for hours and at the expense of your beauty sleep, to get a new smartphone that is slightly better than the smartphone you stood in line for six months ago? If you blushed and feel a little cheeky, there’s a very good chance you’re addicted to technology for the sake of technology, and not for what it can actually mean in terms of increased productivity in your life. So, what can be done? Well, if you’re unwilling, then nothing. You’ll probably be one of those eventual parents who raises a child who will never leave the house, for any reason, because he’ll never have to.
Everything he will need will be a mouse-click or a voice command away, including virtual vacations, long distance learning, and a girlfriend who looks awesome at 30 frames per second. If, however, you’re sick of it all, or at least sick of it some, then here’s something you can do that has been a success in our house. Every evening, for one hour, we turn off our cell phones, shut down our computers, and find something to do as a family. Sometimes it is television, but most of the time it isn’t.
We go for walks, we hang out in the back yard, we play card games, we chit-chat about how we really wish we could check our Facebook status just about now. Additionally, each Saturday we live as technology-free as possible. We do shut our phones and computers off for the day. It’s extreme, and sometimes it doesn’t always work out, but for quite some time now we’ve been successful at this because we’ve recognized in our own lives how easy it is to lose sight of the analog world when we’re so engrossed in the digital one. It only takes a desire to ant to do something different, and a willing spirit. Before you know it you’ll find it easier to set down your smartphone, easier to walk away from Facebook after two hours of searching for the funniest LOLcats on the planet, and easier to say no to that next frivolous purchase that will probably have you standing in line in freezing temperatures, texting back and forth with the guy standing in the line in front of you. Tyler is a tech enthusiast and writer for CableTV. com sumber: http://thegeekpanel. com/social/are-people-overly-dependent-on-technology/

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Mobile Phone and People
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