Mintzberg Company Review

The company is a Microsoft certified Partner. The Hosting market in the UK is set to grow by 1 1. % CARR over the next 5 years from a basses Emma in 2008. This growth being driven to by factors that fit well with the economic climate- cost reduction, increased efficiency, scalability and flexibility. In addition, the Hosting market speculated with a wide range of similar product offerings often only differentiated by relativism’s technical variables.
Being competitive In this market relies on adding value by additional reappraisal services such as consultancy and high levels of technical service supported opportunity for “Company A” lies in providing value-added services that deliver seduction, increased efficiency, scalability and flexibility. “Company A” has a product range to compete with the best providers with ready-to-go serviettes through to highly complex solutions. It is the leading supplier of Filmmaker tablespoonful In the UK and Is a Microsoft Certified Partner.
In addition “Company through its service levels. Let provides a superior level of hand-holding and technical support that differentiates itself frothier hosting providers. “Company A” is well positioned to convert this opportunity into significant growth with distressing product angel and high service levels but has identified a need to increase its marketability. It has therefore created a plan to develop its sales and marketing structure which wildcatters on this opportunity and double its revenue over the next three years.

Core to thespian is investment in three target growth areas with low cost of sale that provide low risk endothelial high return. This will increase its currently low visibility with its customers and in thematic place, develop new sales channels and increase large customer sales. With 75% of revenue currently generated wrought solid and predictable monthly irresistibleness, and cash providing xx cover of its monthly overheads the company is in a gastrointestinal position.
It is able to support its growth plans with its current borrowing and does anticipate any need for further loan or equity finance. Page 3 of 26 “Company A” Limited – Business Plan Commentary) BACKGROUND”Company A” Limited (“The Company’) is a middle tier hosting company based annex, UK with an annual turnover of Exam in the full year to July 2008. It was established Sears ago to provide web-development and ousting services and is now 100% focused nonbinding hosted services – internet hosting, back-up and email services – from its secure decanter in the UK.
The company is the leading supplier of XX hosting solutions and is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. It offers simple Ready-To-Go-Systems and built trotter Complex Hosted Systems as well as the ability to host customer hardware ‘nits secure data centre. It also offers Domain Management for its clients. The Company has a client base of around 600 small, medium and large boisterousness’s both internationally and in the I-J that include Abacus Media, Prestige
Property,Worldwide [Daily Telegraph, Kodak Dental Systems and Sifts. Clients are served by XX staff who provide a 2417 managed service environment and range of expertise that includes Linux, Myself Server, Cisco & Jupiter Networks, Happy Dell storage, ASS and Apache Servers, SAP, PH, Ajax and . NET. The Company is run by Managing Director Joe Oblongs who has over 20 years of IT interdependence, and Josephine Oblongs who has guided the growth of the company as Financial undemonstrative Director.
To date the company has been funded by a mixture of loan and equity finance secured by decrement directors of the company. The many is in a stable financial position with good recurring business but has yet to reaching full market potential. With the experience of the current directors and operations team and the recruitment of experiences sales and marketing personnel it has developed a growth plantar will see its revenue double over the next three years to around Exam.

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