Mid Term Paper

Read one of these books in preparation for writing your midterm reaction paper:

Alvord, Lori & Van Pelt, Elizabeth Cohen: The Scalpel & the Silver Bear (2000)
Fadiman, Anne: The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down (1997, 2012)

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Mid Term Paper
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This paper asks for an in-depth discussion of a major theme of the book that can be related to other course materials.  Some questions to consider that may help you organize your thoughts and let you begin to formulate a reaction to the book you choose include:

 Do you agree or disagree with author’s assessments and conclusions?

 Can you identify with the situations and perspectives that he presents?
 Did your opinion change during the course of reading the book? If so, what convinced you and why?
 Did anything surprise you? If so, what? Why?

Your reaction paper should develop one or two primary ideas or perceptions, and then support them with specific examples.  As always, remember to present your ideas and evidence in clear language and a logical order and appropriately cite your resources.  An essential element of this paper is to use citations from your course texts to underscore your perspectives regarding the book chosen for this assignment.
Submit your paper through the assignment link as a WORD DOCUMENT. The paper must be at least 5 pages (main body) long, double-spaced with 1″ margins in 12 point font. When you create your paper you need to name/save and post it as follows: Last name_midterm(Example: Adams_midterm). Please note that the book you choose MUST be listed as a reference. Failure to follow these baseline instructions will result in an automatic loss of 1 point before the grading rubric is applied to the content.

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