Each questions have to be; coherent and cohesive, a minimum of 200 words and you have to cite one sources.  This is a Project Risk Management Course

Chapter 9
· 1. Name six likelihood drivers and three consequence drivers in technical projects involving a mix of hardware and software.

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· 2. Demonstrate two approaches to the conversion of descriptive likelihood assessments to numerical priority measures (using for risk likelihood and for average consequence) and explain the characteristics of each.

Chapter 15
· 1. Define the term ‘aggregate uncertainty’ in the context of using quantitative risk models.

· 2. What are some of the uses for quantitative models when analysing a project?

· 3. Name three categories of information that we could derive from the outputs from quantitative risk models. How could they assist a decision maker (such as the project director)?

· 4. Describe five contextual features that should be addressed when using a risk modelling approach.

· 5. Discuss why the structure of a quantitative risk model may differ from a simple spreadsheet for a capital cost estimate.

· 6. Why is model validation important?

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