Need the following answered in 150 words each and sources cited in APA.

1. Do you agree or disagree with Kinicki and Williams (2018) that if these six reasons are not understood, the other three functions of management may be futile as managers will not know if what they have planned, organized and led is working or not?

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2. From the statement, ” My recommendation for management would be to being holding us as employees more accountable for the things we are and are not doing in accordance with postal regulations. Stop being so afraid to discipline those individuals who probably should have been without a job years ago, and start making them take responsibility for their actions.”
Is there a reason why the management team is afraid to address/discipline their subordinates who are not meeting the requirements of the company? Is there an old system in place within management or is there people in management who share a certain belief or culture that may need to be replaced? From what is gathered do you think there needs to be a change in the company’s culture, management style?

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