1. Observe two or more people (can be anyone involved in a conversation) interacting. Select one person to analyze their listening habits. Answer the following questions:
a. Did the person you chose check to ensure they understood what the other person(s) said? If so, what techniques did they use? (briefly summarize the technique using the textbook terminology)
b. Was the person you chose “actively” listening? How could you tell?
c. What recommendations would you have, for the person to become a better active listener?
2. Complete the self-assessment test at: and summarize your results for the class by completing the following:
a. Answer the following questions (BEFORE you take the test): 
i. How effective of a listener are you?
ii. What is your biggest barrier to being an effective listener?
b. Answer the following questions (AFTER you take the test):
i. Did the results of the test match with how you perceived your listening skills? Explain. 
ii. What is one SPECIFIC thing you could do to become a better listener? Why did you choose this?
Make sure your answers utilize applicable course material, concepts, and terminology.

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