Methyl acetate uses

In many applications, Eastman methyl acetate can be an effective replacement for acetone and other fast-evaporating solvents. Strength?assay Methanol Water Acidity as acetic acid color, PC’s Some common cleaning applications include: universal cleaner LOW-VOCE and environmental cleaners Aerosol carburetor cleaners Paint gun cleaners Cleaners for printing inks Table 1 Sales specifications Property Eastman methyl acetate can be used alone or In easily blended formulations to optimize cleaning efficiency. Because methyl acetate is miscible with most organic aerospace, marine, and industrial.
Eastman methyl acetate methyl acetate, high purity 96. 0% mint. 2. 5% Max. 1. 5% Max. 0. 15% Max. 5 Max. 99. 5% mint. 0. 10% Max. 0. 05% Max. Cleaners for industrial wipes Regulatory and VOCE-exempt status Concerns for work place safety and the environment have led to the deselecting of chlorinated solvents in many applications. In the United States, methyl acetate was added to the list of compounds excluded from the definition of volatile organic compound (VOCE) on the basis that these compounds have been determined to eve negligible photochemical reactivity.
Methyl acetate is relatively nontoxic, nonrestrictive, and readily biodegradable, making it useful in environmentally friendly formulations. Fast evaporation rate Fast drying is often a key performance requirement in cleaning applications. A slow-drying solvent can impede the cleaning process, adding additional labor cost. In addition, slow-drying solvents can attract airborne contaminants and leave residues that negate the effectiveness of the cleaning processes. Using Eastman methyl acetate in cleaning applications (Continued)

Table 2 shows physical properties of methyl acetate versus other fast-evaporating solvents. Methyl acetate evaporates faster than MEEK and ethyl acetate, allowing its use as a replacement for those solvents in applications where VOCE reduction is required. Methyl acetate is similar to acetone in evaporation rate, VOCE exemption, and non-HAP status but offers a higher flash point and hydrophobic property. The hydrophobic nature of methyl acetate can be a key performance criteria in cleaning applications where moisture-related problems can damage or corrode parts, eating to defects or rejects.

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Methyl acetate uses
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