Have attached the instructionsASSIGNMENT COURSEWORK INFO: MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES Module Title: Quality Improvement in Health and Social Care Word Limit: 2500 Assessed Learning OutcomesLO1: Identify and use appropriate improvement tools in order to map and analyse a healthcare process, making recommendations for improvement. LO2: Develop an improvement plan including consideration of all stakeholder groups. LO3: Reflect on the improvement tools used, the improvement plan proposed and their personal development associated with the process of producing a defined improvement proposal.  WRITING YOUR ASSIGNMENT: • This assignment must be completed individually. • You must use the Harvard referencing system.  ASSIGNMENT QUESTION Task 1 Using an appropriate reflective model, critically reflect on your experience of applying quality improvement approaches and tools to an identified area in health and social care. You should include an improvement plan for your chose area cognisant of stakeholders. Your reflection should include your personal development associated with the process of using the improvement tools and producing the improvement proposal. The assignment should include a personal development plan. It is expected that you will draw on improvement approaches and tools and apply them to ONE of the following service areas: GP services, acute or specialist hospitals, residential care homes, or MENTAL health services.ASSIGNMENT GUIDANCEIn writing your critical reflection you are expected to use theoretical tools and approaches that you have studied during the course and from your research, and make reference to credible evidence. It is expected that you will use more than 10 independently researched academic. ASSIGNMENT CORE READING Dale, B., Bamford, D., & van der Wiele, T. (Eds.) (2016)Managing Quality:  An Essential Guide and Resource Gateway. (6th edition.) Wiley. Moon, J. (2004) A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning, London, Routledge  MARKING CRITERIA Assignment submissions will be marked with reference to the below criteria, Note that in applying the criteria consideration will be given to the following: • There is an application and analysis of quality improvement approaches and tools in relation to the topic chosen for the Postgraduate Major Project. • The selection of quality improvement approaches and tools is justified and discussed with reference to academic literature. • The role of reflection in healthcare has been critically analysed. • There is an analysis of models of reflection, and application of a chosen model. 4 • An improvement plan is outlined. • A range of stakeholders, and the benefits for them, are considered in relation to the quality improvement approaches and tools that are used. Academic texts are used to justify the choice and importance of the selected stakeholders. • A personal development plan is created, which relates to the findings in the reflective account. The plan is presented in a suitable tabular format. • Skill gaps are identified with reference to the findings in the reflective account. • Goals are clearly identified and are SMART. • Academic literature is used to support the discussion of the points made in relation to the assignment topic. References may also include government legislation and policy. MODEL TO USEGIBBS’S MODEL (REFLECTIVE CYCLE)

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