Math Exam Instruction For Studens And Teachers

It should be noted that most tasks previously produced and published by the IB will no longer be valid for assessment after the November 2010 examination session. These include all the tasks in any teacher support material (TSM) and the tasks in the document folio tasks 2009 The tasks in the 2012 examinations but N O T in 2013. Copies of all TSM tasks published by the IB are available on the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC), under Internal Assessme not be used, even in slightly modified form. The inclusion of these old tasks in the portfolio will make the portfolio non -compliant, and such portfolios will, therefore, attract a 10-mark penalty. Teachers may continue to use the old tasks as practice tasks, but they should not be included in the portfolio for the final assessment. All teachers should have copies of the mathematics SL subject guide, including the teaching notes appendix, and the TSM. Further information, including additional notes on applying the criteria, is available on the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC). Important news items are also available on the OCC, as are the diploma program coordinator notes, which contain updated information on a variety of issues. The only tasks produced by the IB that may be submitted for assessment in 2012 are the ones contained in this document, and those in the document Portfolio tasks 2011 2012. There is no requirement to use tasks produced by the IB, and there is no date restriction on tasks written by teachers.
Students should not include them in portfolios before May 2012. If they are included, they will be subject to a 10-mark penalty. Please note that these dates refer to examination sessions, not when the work is completed. The only tasks produced by the IB that may be submitted for assessment in 2013 are the ones contained in this document. There is a wide range of technological tools available to support mathematical work. These include graphic display calculators, Excel spreadsheets, Geogebra, Autograph, Geometer sketch pad, and WolframAlpha. Many are free downloads from the Internet. Students (and teachers) should be encouraged to explore which ones best support the tasks that are assigned. Teachers are reminded that good technology use should enhance the development of the task. Important information is included in the DPCN, available on the OCC.
Teachers should ensure they are familiar with these, and in particular with the ones noted below. Please note that the reference to the 2009/2010 document is outdated. Teachers are advised to write their own tasks to fit in with their own teaching plans, to select from the 2009/2010 document, or to use tasks written by other teachers. In each case, teachers should work the task themselves to make sure it is suitable, and provide a copy of the task, and an answer, solution, or marking key for any task submitted. This will help the moderators confirm the levels awarded by the teacher. It is particularly important if teachers modify an IB published task to include a copy of the modified task. While this is permitted, teachers should think carefully about making any changes, as the tasks have been written with all the criteria in mind, to allow students to achieve higher levels. Please note the following information on how to deal with portfolios that do not contain one task of each type. This will be applied in May 2012 and subsequent examination sessions.

If two pieces of work are submitted, but they do not represent a Type I and a Type II task (for example, they are both Types I or both Type II tasks), mark both tasks, one against each Type. For example, if a candidate has submitted two Type I tasks, mark one using the Type I criteria, and the other using the Type II Criteria. Do not apply any further penalty This means that the current system of marking both tasks against the same criteria and then applying a penalty of 10 marks will no longer be used. Consider the five rows of numbers shown below. Describe how to find the numerator of the sixth row. Using technology, plot the relationship between the row number, n, and the numerator in each row. Describe what you notice from your plot and write a general statement to represent this. Describe what you notice and write a general statement to represent this. Comment whether or not this statement is consistent with your earlier statement. Use technology to investigate other values of r and OP. Find the general statement for OP. Test the validity of your general statement by using different values of OP and r. Define suitable variables and discuss any parameters/constraints. Using technology, plot the data points from the table on a graph. Comment on any apparent trends in your graph and suggest suitable models.
Analytically develop a model that fits the data points. (You may find it useful to consider a combination of functions. ) On a new set of axes, draw your model function and the original data points. Comment on any differences. Revise your model if necessary. Plot the data points from this table on a graph, and discuss whether your analytical model for the original data fits the new data. Use technology to find a suitable model for the new data. On a new set of axes, draw both models. Discuss how trends in the first model could be explained by trends in the second model. By considering both models, discuss possible future trends in both types of fishing. The Olympic Games were not held in 1940 and 1944. Using technology, plot the data points on a graph. Define all variables used and state any parameters clearly. Discuss any possible constraints of the task. What type of function models the behavior of the graph? Explain why you chose this function. Analytically create an equation to model the data in the above table. On a new set of axes, draw your model function and the original graph. Comment on any differences. Discuss the limitations of your model. Refine your model if necessary. Use technology to find another function that models the data. On a new set of axes, draw both your model functions. Comment on any differences. Had the Games been held in 1940 and 1944, estimate what the winning heights would have been and justify your answers.

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Math Exam Instruction For Studens And Teachers
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