Marketing proposal

The Iphone is not a phone. It is a revolution that has just started. Some have called it the next resting place of the mind. When we heard that Apple was creating a new product after iPod, we all held our collective breadths, what were Steve jobs up to?
Built in the simple elegance that only Apple knows how to this work of arts most distinctive feature is its high-tech multi touch function that creates an amazing  user experience enables an individual to control everything using his or her fingers and type using a predictive keyboard and glade through the multi touch display to find photos, messages, friends easily. There is thankfully lees clutter and none of those confusing functions that get in the way.
Yet the iPod lack one function in order to get it fully right. It doesn’t have a mirror, actually a magic mirror. This is the name I have given a feature that the iphone must have. It is an electronic mirror that a clear spread with your hand over the face of the iphone screens morphs up. Magic mirror can be a traditional mirror with a frame and also has drivers that allow you to talk to an animated character who gives an appropriate response by way of drivers that trigger this. It actively mixes video images while communicating via RS 239 and using the Creston automation system.

Other functions includes enabling doctors to identify psychological, physical well being by looking at your magic mirror image along with heart beat and blood pressure sensors of patients and the elderly.
The target markets for magic mirror are teenage girls, middle income globally. Because of the growth of the world, middle class there has been a parallel growth in affluent teenagers and young adults. No matter where they are in the world, they have similar desires, interests and consumptions. This has been influenced by the worldwide mass media. They watch the same shows, listen to the same music and watch the same movies and videos.
They not only idolize the same musicians, dressing styles, mannerisms and attitudes and therefore have the same shared characteristics and preferences. We intend to have teenagers identify with iphone early in life because preferences and tastes formed now can influence purchasing trends throughout their lives.
The social cause that I intend to support is the delinquency and lack of manners that is so prevalent in young adults today. While it has become a common practice for older people to ignore or not to give much thought to young people’s behavior and regard this as a passing cloud, I beg to differ.
The recent incidents of fatal shootings all over America is the upper peak of a mountain of poor mannerisms that if not checked will result in lawlessness and societal breakdown.
I would advocate a campaign for good manners starting at the very bottom. Children as young as three learning to say thank you and please , then moving up to pre-teens who will use the fulfilled and life lessons applications, games, quizzes and chats. Then focus on teenagers and on the other hand providing guidance, advice and support to parents.
The slogan I would choose is ‘thanks a million’. This is a slogan that will be part of the campaign that initiates a state by state competition where a million teenagers’ text thank you messages to older people who have done wonderful and even simple things to make life better for others.
Tyra banks are in my opinion the most suitable spokesman for the campaign. Her whole life story is an example for many teenagers about how to become a success in life. Born in a middle class background, she lived a normal life and was inspired by her mother who identified her talent in modeling and helped her develop it even through the most challenging times of her life.
As a talk show host, Tyra banks have placed her energy towards developing the potential of young women. Her show provides information on fashion, dress, complexion and style. She especially focuses on teenage girls through the Tzone summer camp experience where independence, self esteem is taught to teenage girls at a mountainside camp for a week.
Her energy and personality appeals strongly to young girls most importantly. Tyra banks are a modern woman and a role model with manners.  She has started her own campaign against use of derogatory words ageist women in rap videos and has a policy of not allowing swear words to be used during her show. She is the right person for the job.
Magic mirror is just a start of the concept of capturing all the senses sight, sound and smell within the iPod. The next phase is to introduce a scent sensor to the iphone as well as a sound sensor. These two features will make the iphone the almost man’s best friend.
Winer, R.S. (2007). Marketing Management, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ.

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