Marketing Management Persuasive Essay

Burger King is a fast food outlet whose biggest chunk of customers comprises of young men. Hence while designing the marketing campaign we must keep in mind that our audience is the young population. The advertising theme of BK should be developed around the idea of “Have It Your Way” as this is the USP differentiating it from the rest of its competitors. This will help in branding BK as one which cares about the customized needs of its customers rather than servicing all of them with the same product.

This will keep the theme simple and easily understandable to its customers. Launching a website with a linking icon to Burger King will help promote the products as the young population spend most of their time online to surf or stay in touch. The site should not be too obvious about the promotion but should be related to subjects popular among youth and capable of creating a buzz thus helping it to get word of mouth publicity and arousing its audience desire to elicit action. Unique advertising technique helps build long term image and trigger sales.

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Marketing Management Persuasive Essay
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Consumer sales promotion is the one area which is very important in retaining customers. Customers can be invited to get a burger made of their choice and the best ones can be named after them. This would increase their sense of involvement and thus ensure quicker buyer response. Sales promotion can be used for short-stretch effects for increased customer penetration. Not following the conventionally followed methods will set BK apart from the others creating a distinctive image for itself.
A Marketing campaign which is developed with the overlap between product characteristics and customers needs is more successful in attracting attention. A bold and unique advertising will create a tipping point leading to better publicity. The advertising campaign should be designed keeping in mind the target audience which would make them identify the product as one that is meant for them. Works Cited Page Marketing Management, ICFAI Centre for Management Research, 2005

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