Management Practices

Outright, PepsiCo-Frito-Lay’s participative management practice is proven by the Corporate Governance Quotient that is better than 94. 4% of Standards and Poor’s 500 companies and 100% that of the Food Beverage and Tobacco Industry. This is what has been assessed by the Institutional Shareholder Services as of 1 May 2008. (Yahoo Finance, 2008) What is central to such exemplary performance that earned for PepsiCo-Frito such assessment and recognition, is their centering their sustainable advantages on people.
The company and its team and employees are people commonly committed to manufacture and serve “big and muscular brands” for people. The company and its team and employees are people with “proven ability to innovate and create differentiated products” for people. The company and its team and employees are people that team up with their co-employees that leads and frontline “powerful go-to-market systems”. PepsiCo-Frito Lay invests in their combined talents and dedication as encouragement and recognition. (PepsiCo Sustainable Advantage, 2008)
Therefore, amidst their team and employees are continuously provided with the impetus to stand out in the industry. They are encouraged and thereafter recognized as they take one step forward and better, beyond and more than their respective call of duties and responsibilities. Systems and Policies It is beyond an objective, obligation and order of the day that PepsiCo-Frito Lay ensures that it is a company admirably desired to work with by professionals in seek of a career and/or its already existing team and employees.

The company’s incessant safeguards to make it the best company to work with are amongst other things ensured through the comprehensive benefits package it offers. Such package covers health care; financial needs; industry level and standard salaries; retirement program. The company says: “It is our goal, at PepsiCo, to help our employees Live Life Well. ” (PepsiCo Benefits, 2008). The company absorbs a good part of the costs for such benefits if not 100%.
Work Climate The ability to sustain its growth is through its “empowered people, acting with responsibility and building trust”. Thus PepsiCo-Frito Lay allows its team and employees to democratically participate in achieving the objectives of the company. They have the “freedom to act and think in ways that will get the job done, while being consistent with the processes that ensure proper governance and being mindful of the rest of the company’s needs. ”

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Management Practices
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