Management Information System

Complete the Forms of Media Matrix Table.Consider the provided worksheet, located on the student website.

Along with the Matrix include:

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Management Information System
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  • Introduction: For this paper, include a short Introduction describing the intent of the assignment.
  • The matrix items- retaining the Worksheet table format is permissible but ensure to provide a caption. In APA Tables are one of the exceptions that allow single-spacing; however, 1.5-x spacing is easier to read. 
  • Conclusion: For this assignment include a short paragraph; describing how you think you will apply what you learned from the assignment.

Please note: Express answers in your own words ensuring to cite the references incorporated into the answers. Include a Reference page with references.

APA Formatting: Format as an APA formatted single document with a Title Page, Central theme (the table), Conclusion, and Reference page.

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