Mahiganting Langit

The poem Mahiganting Langit is from the literary work of Francisco Balagtas entitled Florante at Laura and this was considered as one of the masterpiece on Philippine Literature. Francisco Balagtas wrote several poems but what makes him well-known is the poem Florante at Laura. Florante at Laura is a depiction of the unconditional love between two people despite of all the hardship given by the situation.
The selection Mahiganting Langit focuses on the struggle of Florante in trying to explain the agony he experienced in pursuing his love to Laura. It shows the detailed of his sufferings to the point that he started questioning forces above. The entire stanzas in the selected poem I find it interesting but what I like the most on the poem Mahiganting Langit is, “Bakit Kalangita’y bingi Ka sa akin?
Ang tapat kong luhog ay hindi mo dinggin?

‘di yata’t sa isang alipusta’t iling
sampung tainga mo’y ipinangunguling?”
I interpreted this as Florante’s questioning of why his grievances in life cannot be heard. As shown in the stanza Florante’s having a doubt on the goodness of God. He considered the situation befallen upon him as a direct ill-treated by the God. And God not even pay attention to his plea. This particular stanza can happen to anyone most of the time that we felt that there is no one is listening to us not even God. When we are having hard times in life we always tend to ask why. We question why God is doing this to us not thinking that God give us challenges to be a strong person and God don’t give us test for us not to overcome.
For my reaction about the given poem, though the fact that it is written in our native language but still it’s very hard to comprehend the thought conveyed by the author. Nevertheless, having it read a couple of times the meaning of every stanza starts to become clearer, on this point a person reading it will understand and relay it to the current situation especially when it comes to real life love scenario, this characteristic of the poem made by the author amaze me the most.

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