Love and Happiness

According to the Webster dictionary love is to share one’s life, and downfalls; not just ones personal property; love is an affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties; a strong feeling of attraction. Being honest about you and allowing the other person involved in the relationship to really get to know who you really are. Happiness is an agreeable feeling or condition of the soul arising from good fortune or propitious happening of any kind; the possession of those circumstances or that state of being which is attended with enjoyment.
To love and be loved is the beauty of life; many people yearn for peace, love and happiness myself included. Love brings happiness that is what we are made to think from very early stages in life. Must we make others happy for us to be happy; therefore there are some dangerous myths in life that can keep you from being happy; it’s a bad life where we try to please others throughout life; if this fouls people usually bitter resentful and in most cases hateful to people we fail to please. If we do not resist the planked seed of co-dependence we are doomed to live for others.
Collins II

Love is a present experience; it has no opposite and is the union and connection of all things. Love is vast; infinitely vast; love expands with wisdom, patience and kindness. It is so expansive that it even contains room for all fears to nestle into. Love embraces all fears; within love, seeds of fear can either grow or remain unchanged or these seeds can transform and blossom into more love. Love welcomes both the unchanged fears and the transformed ones. love has room for all things at all times; for judgment, weakness, and disappointment, as well as for joy, compassion and peace. All experience nestle and find room within the open cradle and forever accepting, expanding nature of love.
Happiness is much more than what an article could describe; some people describe happiness as the feeling you experience when you realize that everything is exactly as it should be; some define it as the state of feeling that you experience after reaching your goal; while others define it as having inner peace. Happiness is perspective dependent emotion; it means that what could make someone happy could not be of importance to someone else.
Happiness is just like love it is energy and when it’s shared it brings out the best results; try thinking of a moment when you share a joke with a friend the laughter brings out the best that makes you feel good and happy. Although this is what gives a good feeling; a happy person in fact can attract a lot of love because in fact its easily reflected in every activity; otherwise this creates a strong bond between love and happiness; however people will always return your Collins III
charming smile, even though they are frowning and looking angry people will scowl at you. There is a common edge that “life is hard and we have to struggle to be happy; with this in mind I tend to differ to our expectations of struggles and problems. It’s amazing when things are moving so swiftly for us; we subconsciously wait for the storm to come. Life was meant to be easy but pessimism interferes with the flow of happiness in our lives.
Open your heart to love and happiness and you will experience a breakthrough in love and happiness; there are time when you feel a lot of joy in your heart; but nevertheless the peace you feel within your heart should beneath your soul. You choose to be happy and worry less; meanwhile you will have successful romantic relationship if you are positive about yourself; however you and others will enjoy life as well as relaxing, being together without going out of your way to impress other.
This is a misconception that loves and happiness is truly a goal to attend in the future; a lone each passing day you should bring a new and unique experience to you and your love one; to share one’s life and down falls; not just ones personal property; happiness is a agreeable feeling or condition of the soul arising from fortune or propitious happening of any kind. Happiness is a perspective dependent emotion. Commitment is needed in order to build a beautiful relationship; without commitment love and happiness would not be able to grow.

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