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Queen Elizabeth of England was known as one of the most successful rulers of her time for a number of different reasons. She did many things right, but the most prevailing aspect of her reign was her foreign policy. She was something of a revolutionary leader during that time in a number of different ways. While other leaders were busy fighting big wars to protect themselves from danger, Queen Elizabeth found a way to keep her enemies at bay by pacifying them.
She used power and influence to balance between the countries and the powers that would have otherwise been a problem during that time. Though the premise of her policy was to help England, it actually helped much of Europe as a result. For example, European powers like France and Germany were able to build their military power and their financial backing while not having to defend against a large armed force in England.
Without having to look too far, one can find some of Elizabeth’s policies being utilized in the world today. In some ways, they are being used in many of the same ways that Elizabeth used her policies back in England. There are some very good examples, including the situation that is currently happening in Ukraine. Ukraine is a country that was involved with the Soviet Union for a long time, so they have struggled in the period shortly following that. The adjustment has been difficult, because the country still holds onto its Russian roots, but it is being pulled towards the Western world. Being in such proximity to both Russia and Europe, Ukraine has to fact tough questions about the direction of their country.

China is a country that is always in balance between various powers, as well. On one side of them, there is Japan, who holds much of the world’s power in the financial district. One the other hand, they have to balance between the socialist nations that surround them in the South Pacific. In order to make sure that they keep a good reputation around the world, China has had to keep pacify the Western world.
They are a large producer of goods, so in order to stay viable, they have to keep the important trade relationships that have been developed up to this point. On the other hand, the socialist nature of their government makes it difficult for them to relate with countries like the United States and many of the nations in Europe.
In the sixteenth century, England found itself in an interesting position. In many ways, the world was changing during that time. Today, it is still a changing world, so countries still have to account for these changes. Instead of having to simply care for today, countries like China and Ukraine have to take into account what might happen tomorrow.
This is why it is difficult for these countries to have an economic and military strategy that pleases everyone. Queen Elizabeth was able to balance the interests of her country and many different countries, so that they could become a power in the changing world. If England did not have such a balanced policy, then there is no way they could have charged into the new age in such that they would maintain their power into this current time.

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Look at the questions
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