Literature Review & Bibliography

You will turn in a review of the scholarship relevant to your project, plus a complete bibliography of 10  secondary SCHOLARLY sources. In correct order of the timeline. 

(Length: 8-10 pages, double-spaced) Your literature review is an essay which analyzes the existing scholarship on your topic: describe what research has been done in your area; assess what still needs to be done; and explain where/how your research project will fit into (or improve, or expand upon) the existing scholarship. Follow links at “The Literature Review Explained” for instructions and guidance.
You will also provide a bibliography (single-spaced) of works consulted, prepared in accordance with either NAWSA or CMS bibliography format. If there are works that you intend to consult but have not yet read or accessed, you should list them as well.

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Literature Review & Bibliography
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You will be graded on:

(Literature review) How thoroughly you have reviewed the existing scholarship.
(Bibliography) The quality and relevance of your bibliography, both in content and form.


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