literature review

The question you’ll address is: ” How has Information Technology impacted governing bodies’ ability to align public policy with stakeholder needs? ”
I want to see ORIGINAL WORK (ie. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!) If you use another author’s work, you MUST properly quote AND cite it. (See APA format.) Review the literature – don’t just copy what someone else said.
Your  paper must be in correct APA format, use correct grammar, consist of a minimum of 750 words, and will need to include at least ten (10) resources, ALL of which must:
1) Be current. Published within the last few years. (i.e. since 2014)
2) Be peer-reviewed.
3) Relate directly to the question posed above.
Additionally, you MUST upload a pdf of EVERY paper that appears in your reference list.

Remember that a literature review is not the same as an abstract. Abstracts are descriptive. A literature review tells the reader what other researchers have written about a topic. You must find pertinent and relevant resources, group them into logical “collections”, and the organize your review into a logical presentation of other research.Your literature review should be descriptive and representative of the work other researchers have done in your area. 

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Every resource you choose must be peer reviewed. That means the paper must have undergone a formal peer review before being published in a journal or presented at a conference. You must ensure that your resources have undergone rigorous reviews. In most cases, you can find out the review process for a conference or journal by visiting the appropriate web site. Do not simply assume that a resource is peer reviewed – check it out. 
If you are not sure how to identify peer reviewed papers or articles, please visit the following resources:

Tips for better literature review grades 

Here are a few tips for submitting quality papers. Your grade depends on the quality of your work, which begins with reading and understanding the assignment requirements. 
1) Read the assignment instructions. Then re-read the assignment instructions.
2) Read EVERY paper (all of it) that you reference.
3) Use proper APA format for in-text citations and end references. (HINT: look at the links I provided in the assignment instructions, ESPECIALLY the third one.)
4) Make sure that your lit review is NOT an annotated bibliography. Do not simply list papers with summaries. Your resources should be logically grouped, and your lit review should tell a story about what other researchers have published about the assigned topic. Remember that a literature review is NOT instructive – it is analytical.
5) Provide PDFs of EVERY resource. (That isn’t a suggestion.) Peer reviewed resources have pdfs. 
Note that APA an initial in-text citation for a source is more than just a year in parentheses.

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