Life as a Parent

Growing up we all wish that one day we will have a family, with a partner and children. At least that’s what I’ve always known. That I believe should be everyone’s plan growing up. Unfortunately, there are some people not fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have children of their own, but like they say a parent is someone who raises them not someone who has just their blood. I met a young couple who got married at a very young age, and struggled much to have children. They tried and tried for many years. Their names were Phil Hansen and Candy Chang. They were a young couple who lived in a huge mansion.
Phil was a great artist and Candy was an artist, designer, and urban planner. They had it all money, a big house, great jobs, but that wasn’t all they needed in life. They wanted to have children so bad but after so many treatments found out that neither of them had the capability of producing any children. Candy would always say to Phil “I want children so bad honey, I want to smell a newborn baby, their just so adorable”. This would upset Phil badly, he wanted to make Candy happy and give her everything she wanted. Until one day, he thought of a great idea. He thought maybe him and Candy could adopt two children.
He thought it was a great idea but didn’t know how Candy would feel about it. One night he decided to take Candy out for dinner to her favorite restaurant. That night Candy got ready and said to Phil “What’s the reason is for this dinner? She said. Phil responded, No reason just felt like going out for dinner and having a serious conversation with you. That only left Candy wondering what was really going on. They arrived at a restaurant called “Ming Chinese Buffet”, it was a Chinese restaurant. After enjoying a wonderful tasty dinner, Phil asked Candy “Candy would you like to adopt some children and make hem our own”?

Candy smiled, and replied of course that is a wonderful idea. She was so excited. The next morning they went to orphanage, where there were children left that had no parents, and were waiting for someone to want to be their parents. There were kids of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. Phil and Candy were undecided on wether to adopt newborns or teenagers, because they knew they wanted to adopt two children. They fell in love with many children there, they all were lovely. After giving it lots of though, they decided to go for thse two boys that were cousins. They were 5 & 6 years of age.
Their names were Stephen Ritz and Ramsey Musallam. Their mothers were sisters; they both gave them up for their drug addiction. Phil and Candy completed the adoption process and took their boys home after a few weeks. These boys started changing their life’s since day one. Phil and Candy created rooms for both their boys, bought them clothes, toy, everything they wanted. They boys meant everything to them; they gave them the best education, the best of everything. They enjoyed every minute with them, they knew that time would fly, and they would be adult in no time. Years and years went by.
Next thing you knew they were adults. Ramsey was 24 and Stephen was 25. They were two grown men. They were so thrilled, and happy that these two young men were all grown up, and were two young men. They both were very smart boys, that knew exactly what they wanted to be in life. Stephen knew he wanted to be a teacher, and he wanted to change the life of many children. Ramsey as well was interested in the education field; he wanted to be an educator. They knew exactly what they had to do, and with such great parents, they knew that they had all the support from them.
Phil and Candy paid Stephen and Ramsey’s way through the best of the education there is out there. They successfully were able to accomplish everything they intended to. Stephen became a well-known teacher/administrator. He had a believe that students shouldn’t have to leave their community to live, learn and earn. He wanted to help children have something of their own, in their own community. That is why a successful group of his students features the first edible wall in New York City. This wall generates enough produce to feed about 450 students very healthy meals, and trains young children.
His students traveled throughout New York and earned their own wage. He felt very successful for accomplishing one of his goals. Ramsey on the other hand was a successful educator. He believed that education was a slow and painful process. All this new technology, he believed was hard to consume. He was a great science teacher at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep in San Francisco, CA. His goal from the start was to integrate multimedia into a hands on, inquiry-based learning cycle, and to empower other teachers to do the same. He became a successful advocate for flip teaching, tab casting, video casting, and screen casting in classrooms.
They both succeeded in what they wanted to acknowledge. They became very well-known educators that made a change. They were able to accomplish all this with the help of Candy and Phil. They were such a great support system to them, and never failed to be there for them. Phil and Candy were very proud of their children and how successful they were. They knew that they had raised to very wonderful children. They were proud of all their accomplishments, and were very thankful for adopting such wonderful children, whom they loved as they were their own.
The story of this wonderful couple really made me realize, there’s always an opportunity for everything. Phil and Candy were devastated of the thought of never having children, and at first didn’t acknowledge the opportunity of adoption. When they made that choice, they knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but decided to go for it anyways. Now they feel so grateful for the big opportunity life set for them, and for getting the opportunity to be such great parents. They felt like they succeeded as parents, and now plan for a wonderful future with their successful children.

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Life as a Parent
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