Laws for Security and Safety

Anne-Marie Milner Nvq level 3 1. 1 These set the standards that must be met to ensure that health and safety of all employers and others who may be affected by any work activity. – the health and safety at work act 1974 – The management of health and safety at work regulation act 1999. – The workplace (health and safety and welfare) regulations 1992 . – The manual handling operations regulation 1992. 1. 2 Moving and handling of people and objects – personal hygiene – infection control. – personal safety and lone working. fire safety – food safety and hygiene – what to do in the event of a emergency. – risk assessment – smoking at work – use of chemicals and waste disposal – security and visitors. 1. 3 Your responsibility. Take reasonable care of your health and safety. Take reasonable care not to put other people, including other employers and members of the public at risk by what you do or don’t at work. Co-operate with your employer making sure you get proper training and you understand and follow your organisations health and safety policy.
Not to undertake any health and safety task that you have not been trained for. Employers. Provide a safe workplace. Give information on health and safety. Provide free health and safety training. Make sure you can enter and leave the workplace safety. Individuals in the work setting. Follow health and safety advice given to them. Co-operate with you to use appropriate equipment safety. Take reasonable care of their own health and safety. 1. 4 tasks that shouldn’t be carried out without specific training Moving and handling
Administering medication Emergency first aid Giving injections. 2. 1 show staff that you are a responsible employer with a clear policy for creating a safe and healthy working environment every good employer wants staff to have confidential that it is taking good care to protect them from themselves, each other and their surrounding. This policy explains the responsibilities of managers and employees, and deal with keys workplace issues such as record keeping, training, equipment, accident, emergency, risk assessment. 2. supporting others to understand and follow safe practice by through participating in team meeting, working alongside care workers, through supervision or mentoning 2. 3 all workers must report any potential hazards or unsafe working practice to their manager or office manager. If the hazards or unsafe working practice presents an immediate danger, it should be reported to the most senior person at the time. This person has the authority to take immediate action to alleviate the danger, including the stopping of any work until further action is taken. . 4 risk assessment is designed for employers and self-employed people who are required by law to identify and assess risks in the workplace. This includes any situation that require risks to be assessed. Risk assessment are vital important in order to protect the health and safety of both you and the service user, you should always check that risk assessments are being carried out before you undertake any task. 2. it is important that you support individuals in your care in ensuring their own health and well-being, wherever possible encourage them to:- Express their needs and preference in this area. Understand and take responsibilities for promoting their own health and care. Assess and manage risks to their health and well-being. Identify and report any factors that may put themselves or others at risk. 3. 1 a sudden illness can be described as an incident that occur without warning, for example a stroke or heart attack.

If an accident or sudden illness occur then policies and procedure to follow include making the situation safe if possible. 3. 2 most people have a usefull role to play in a health emergency even if it is not dealing directly with the ill or injured person Summons help as quick as possible. Offer assistance to the compelent person who is dealing with the emergency. Clear the immediate environment and make it safe. Offer help and support to other people who have witnessed the illness or injury and may have been upset by it. 4. 1

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