Land Record Management System

In India, land records data are maintained at tehsil office or equivalent offices. Mainly the records are of two types: * Alphanumeric data containing record of rights details, crop statistics of individual plots. * The cadastral maps depicting the boundaries and extent of the plots. These are maintained in form of village maps or Field Measurement Book Issues
Though many States have digitized their records but it will take time where we can achieve ‘sync’ between data entered and transactions so manual system of issuing of Record of Rights (ROR) is prevalent in most of the States.
* Data entry & verification of legacy data * Regular updation of the records because of mutations * Unstructured data * Language issues * Land records maintained on paper/ cloth are in a very bad shape * Duplication on similar media is cumbersome and will result in similar problems of maintenance after a few y ears. * Updation to boundaries or title information by manual process is highly time-consuming and any error will get propagated to the village maps. * Cross verification is required over records for a large period of time to ensure absence of inconsistencies after updation. * Retrieval for redressal of any dispute is time consuming due to the large bulk of information. * Every retrieval/use has an associated risk of further physical damage the old records. * Legal sanctity to computer generated ROR

* Accuracy of maps & different scales of available maps
So overcome the above mentioned issues a GPS based data capturing device is needed, so as to provide the solutions to the above mentioned problems as: * Since the device is GPS based we will have the Authenticity of the data recorded. * As the record will be fed automatically through the device it will be automatically updated * Since the device has a standard architecture/format for the capturing the data so the issue of unstructured data will also be resolved. * That device has been recognized by the department of agriculture government of Andhra Pradesh. * Recommended by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), United Nations.

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Land Record Management System
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