Krispy Kreme – Analysis

But also, they must have a solid consumer base In the United States and In Canada. They should focus on having franchisees on Southeast Asia, where people patronize products from the West. Some examples of these countries are Japan, Taiwan, China and the Philippines. Crispy Creme could put up franchise stores internationally from 30-50 locations on the next year. They should not be in a hurry and every decision must be well-studied, especially now that they are facing some financial setbacks and faculties.
If Crispy Creme decide to put up more stores in Europe, it will be hard for them to penetrate fully the market. As we all know, Europeans are traditional when it comes to their food. They still prefer eggs and bacon for their breakfast, unlike the Americans who can eat doughnuts during the mornings. To lessen the cost of stabling the company In Europe continent, they might as well put up a factory of Crispy Creme there In order for them to save on transporting doughnut mixes and equipments from united States to Europe.
If there is a factory in a European country, then it will be easier to transport the ingredients from another country in Europe. Crispy Seeker’s number-one competitor is Dunking’ Donuts. Here in the Philippines, Dunking’ Donuts is tagged as the “Absolving Eng Banyan”. It has its own impact in the Filipino masses. One of their major strengths as a competitor is its name recognition and market saturation. Also, its advertisement has a recall to the public. It is true that Crispy Creme is Just starting as an international player but it could learn some points room Dunking’ Donuts.

The major problem In Crispy Seeker’s current strategy Is that the Individual factory stores do not have different approaches to marketing even though they are located In very different areas. What Crispy Creme should do Is to study the geographical area where they will put up a store and adapt Its environment. Secondly, people patronize Dunk Donuts Decease teeny nave aquanauts Walt “better” nutritional value, I. E. , are lower in calories, fat and sugar. Why not, Crispy Creme adapts the same kind of strategy. They should develop new flavors that are owe or have zero-calories.
This is because nowadays people are so health-conscious and sees to it that they do not intake too much calories and too much sweets. Crispy Seeker’s doughnut products do not appeal to health/weight/nutrition/low-Carr conscious consumers. They must work on that. They could introduce a sugar-free doughnut and perhaps a reduced-Carr doughnut that will be seen by customers as an acceptable and tasty product-?thus helping revive demand and sales volume. Internationally, Crispy Creme must plan to follow Cataracts, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.
These companies rely on the uniqueness of the American cultural experience to sell its product. They enriched their companies’ histories in their own locations: Cataracts in Seattle, Coca-Cola in Atlanta and McDonald’s in California. Crispy Creme could use its history in North Carolina to sell its products. Uniquely, they are also arousing the people’s curiosity with their mint-theaters inside their stores. I must admit, I bought my first Crispy Creme Doughnuts out of curiosity when I saw their store in Mall of Asia.
Another way to discover what the customers want would be to apply a system hat would allow customers to take monthly surveys in exchange for perks and freebies. Crispy Creme would not only get what the customers desired but this strategy would create customer loyalty. The customers may feel that their voices and suggestions and comments are appreciated by the company. Crispy Creme Doughnuts has long been relying on free media publicity through word-of-mouth. They don’t appear to have put much effort into marketing their product. The company spent very little on advertising, depending largely on word of mouth, and local publicity.
Crispy Creme should engage on a public outreach campaign, in which they act as sponsors for local community events. For example, the company could sponsor a local awareness program for diseases, disabilities etc. Freebies and stuff with the Crispy Creme logo could be handed out to those taking part in the event. This could be a way for the company to touch the Filipino masses and not maintain its image as for the rich people only. These strategies may help the company along with a very good management and seriously and carefully planning before decisions are made.

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