King Lear: A Tragic Hero

King Lear: A Tragic Hero King Lear by William Shakespeare Is an example of a classic tragedy. The mall character, King Lear, Is the tragic hero, which Is one of the aspects of a tragedy. King Lear wrongfully judges his daughters when he asks them to describe their love for him. He banishes one of his daughters. Cornelia, even though she is the only one that truly loves him. When he discovers that his other daughters General and Reagan do not actually love him, he starts to go insane. However, Lear eventually realizes his mistakes and tries to mend his relationships.
King Lear is a tragic hero because wrought his suffering, brought on by his pride, he learns to Judge people based on character rather than appearances. King Lear is a complex character that has many flaws. However, the flaw that causes him most trouble is his hubris. He makes mistakes and he is too proud to admit them. One of his biggest mistakes is banishing Cornelia. Lear avows: “Let it be so C… ] as thou my sometime daughter” (1. 1 . 120-134). Lear expresses his newfound hatred for Cornelia. Even though she is being honest, he is furious. This is an example of Learns pride.
The second somebody does not absolutely adore him, he becomes brash and angry. He quickly makes the decision to ban his own daughter and disown her, even though she is the only one that loves him truly. During his monologue, he claims that he is no longer a father to Cornelia because he finds her actions so wretched. He is horrified by the fact that somebody does not praise him like a god, so the only thing he can do to regain his position of nobility is to banish her and show that he has power over her. This Is an awful quality that Is part of what leads to Learns fall.

Even General and Reagan recognize that Lear has made a terrible mistake. Goner” claims “He always loved our sister most, and with what poor judgment he hath now cast her off appears too grossly” (1. 1. 336-338). Even the appalling sisters understand what Lear does not. It Is shown that even if they are awful and greedy, General and Reagan still comprehend that Cornelia is caring and Lear is being unreasonable. Right in the beginning of the play, it is clear that Lear does not want to admit his flaws, which in Itself Is a flaw. His pride causes his the kingdom.
General and Reagan end up betraying him and he is left out in the storm to suffer. Learns pride is one of the factors as to why he is a tragic hero. As a result of his pride, Lear suffers. This experience leads to his misdiagnosis. General and Reagan leave Lear out in the middle of a storm. Lear is betrayed by his own daughters whom he thinks love him endlessly. Having been stranded in the storm, King Lear descends Into madness. He feels that praise Is more Important than true feelings. Right from the start of the betrayal, Lear already knows that he will start to go crazy.
Lear shouts “O Fool, I shall go mad! ” (2. 4. 328). Lear sees his own future. He knows how he reacts to things and feels as though this is the worst thing to ever happen to him. King Lear actually becomes so insane that he imagines his gathers. Lear rambles on, saying: “I’ll see their trial [… ] but let them be changed” (3. 6. 37-85). Lear Is at the point in his insanity where he is completely his mad state he is trying to mend his relations even though it is not actually happening. Lear is so depressed during this time and is suffering deeply.
He is experiencing new feelings and is doing things that he has never had to do before. This suffering is one of the reasons why King Lear is a tragic hero. King Learns suffering is what makes him realize that he is wrong and that his hubris is a major flaw in his personally. This misdiagnosis is major to the book and it’s plot because Lear now knows that he has made detrimental mistakes. The first sign of this realization is when Cornelia is speaking with Lear and he acts as if he does not know her. Lear admits: “If you have poison for me, I will drink it.
I know you do not love me, for your sisters have, as I do remember done me wrong” (4. 7. 82-84). Lear realizes that he wrongly Judged Cornelia and he feels awful about it. King Lear understands that Cornelia will hate him and fully understands why she feels the way she does. However, all he wants is Cordillera’s forgiveness. He now comprehends true eve and understands that have one person who truly loves you is better than having multiple people falsely gawking over you. This is a huge development in Learns character and shows the fixation of his tragic flaw.
He finally puts other people’s thoughts and feelings in front of his own and is not afraid of being mediocre. His hubris is gone and he is a better person. By the end of the play, King Lear reciprocates Cordillera’s love and loyalty. King Lear exclaims: “Her voice was soft, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in woman” (5. 3. 328-329). Not only does Lear realize what true love is, but he also learns how to love others correctly. He is appreciative of Cornelia now that he realizes how much he loves her.
This misdiagnosis is a characteristic of Learns that makes him a tragic hero. The play King Lear by William Shakespeare teaches about human suffering through the main character King Lear. Learns suffering shows that all humans must go through some sort of pain before having full clarity. This suffering may come from mistakes made by the person, Just like Lear wrongfully Judging Cornelia and his other daughters. Learns pride and lack of insight leads to his distress. However, this pain leads to misdiagnosis, which makes King Lear a tragic hero.

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