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•    Give a detailed background on the person and crimes, all while citing properly both in format and frequency.
•    Explain the investigation and trial, also while properly citing throughout.
•    As an exercise in critical thinking, students must then explain the reasoning (to the best of their abilities) for these killings using what they have/will learned in the course. As examples, violence in the home, drugs, the media, and any other risk factors are possibilities to explore. This is also where your research comes into play, empirical research is imperative! For example, data may show that there are correlations or connections between risk factors and certain types of violence which will help the students in their argument. 
 Give a clear, concise, and thorough conclusion tying everything together. 
 As a reminder, the studies/all research must come from peer-reviewed academic journals. There is a minimum of FOUR total sources that the student must use, not including the books I have assigned or any biographical information. I will post a couple of links to databases where students can search peer-reviewed journals.
Also, the paper MUST adhere to APA Style rules 
 NOTE: Wikipedia is NOT a valid source. This is the only warning that students will get on this matter. Do NOT use Wikipedia as a source. 

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jeffrey dahmer
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