Jefferson Wears A Tie

The story Jefferson wears a tie is about a man called Jefferson. His occupation is that he works as a sales administration manager at a firm. He is quite good and skilled doing his job and got quite the potential. He is a creature of habit in what he does, and driven by his routines. He struggles to work hard and to finish his deadlines but all that changes. He starts to put less time in his work and lacks that determination he once had. He shows up late for work and acts differently during the day and quickly people at his work start to notice this sudden change and noticing him a bit more than usual.
That starts a bit of a chain reaction at work, people starts to talk about him behind his back and the rumor about him getting that promotion is closer than ever. One day when the managing director shows up he confronts him with a possible promotion wearing only pajamas where it’s questioned if he even wanted the promotion.
2.Characterize Jefferson and his development

Jefferson seems to be a rather reasonable man that sticks to himself; he got somehow a few routines that he like to do such as, getting that cup of tea and doing that small talk on his way to the office. A man that has a relative important role in the form, that means he got work on his table and need to make sure the quality of his work is in top notch quality, you could say that he takes a certain pride in his hard work. As the story progresses he develops different personalities, initially he cares a lot about his work and don’t have the need to socialize during work hours. But now he begins strategically different towards have himself noticed by his superiors.
It’s now that he begins to socialize more, and enjoy reading the news with a cup of tea before he starts his work. He starts to feel less appreciated at work, feels that he is better than most of his fellow employees. Suddenly he chooses to rebel against his habits, his pattern changes and people quickly begin to notice him. It’s not only by work they can notice him it’s also his appeal as he starts to dress differently. This ongoing pursuit for a better position at work slowly decreases and he starts to think that his job is meaningless, so by other words he starts questioning his current position. It’s an admirable process that our main character goes though. He starts from being quiet and dissatisfied to evolving into a confident man that does whatever he pleases.
3.Comment on the environment at Jefferson’s workplace.
The environment seems to be a quite common workplace in an office. A place also where nothing really matters in a way, there are all these fancy job titles and the boss has clearly no idea about what his employees are doing, or how they are doing it. The social aspect seems to lack in this place and judging by there are a few that talks and dreams about vacations to get away from the place.
4.In a short essay (150-200 words) discuss why some people rebel against the norms and others conform to the rules. Relate your discussion in the text. The reason I think why the most people adapts to the norms it’s because, it’s actually the easiest thing to do. But then, it’s hardest for the person to fall out from these norms because you risk being judged by other people. It’s also a good way of laying of the responsibility that you got for yourself, just obey orders like Jefferson and do what pleases other. People tend to be stuck at doing things their way, some people does not necessary embrace change into their life. They are at their comfort zone, safe doing the things they do, so why change it?
People also seem to tend to rebel against some of the norms because some feel the urge to break free from the rules, it can be a fantastic feeling to be also true to yourself and not being “chained” by these norms. For example, Jefferson starts questioning his life and by that he takes more control of it than ever. It’s also being said that sometimes you have to think outside the box, I believe this saying is perfect to this since you can achieve greatness other ways than following the path that already has been laid out for you.

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