IT Agreements

Seva Bharat recognizes the critical importance of protecting the privacy of Individuals and securing the confidentiality of all official records. Employees of the Department of Information Technology (IT) will make appropriate efforts to protect and secure official data and information. IT positions frequently have privileged access to computing systems, applications, databases, network monitoring tools and other equipment that may contain records and information that are private and confidential in nature.
As an employee of Seva Bharat’s Department of Information Technology, I may be entrusted with such rivileged access and encounter or have access to sensitive, confidential or proprietary Information whether or not It Is labeled or Identified as such. I acknowledge the sensitive and confidential nature of information concerning Seva Bharat / LCT / SBPT / SST / MI employees, consultants, alumni, donors, vendors, and other stakeholders of the Seva Bharat community.
I understand and agree that this Information may only be disclosed with proper authorization and in the exercise of my designated duties. I agree not to use any access or information available to me In he course of my duties to engage in any activity that conflicts with the interests of Seva Bharat or use any access available to me to provide information to others engaged in any activity that conflicts with the interests of Seva Bharat. pecifically, with respect to office compuung systems, networks, records, flles, email and other information, I agree that I will treat all confidential information as such by respecting the privacy of users, the Integrity of the systems and the related physical resources, and I will: Access, copy, or store data solely In performance of my Job responsibilities, limiting erusal of contents and actions taken to the least necessary to accomplish the task. 2.

When providing direct services to users, copy or store data or information only with the user’s consent and only to complete a specified task, and only to copy and store user data for long enough to complete the specified task. 3. Not seek personal benefit or permit others to benefit personally from any data or Information that has come to me through my work assignments. 4. Not make or permit unauthorized use of any information in the office information systems or records. . Not enter, change, delete or add data to any information ystem or file outside of the scope of my Job responsibilities. 6. Not intentionally or knowingly Include or cause to be included in any record or report, a false, inaccurate or misleading entry, 7. Not intentionally or knowingly alter or delete or cause to be altered or deleted from any records, report or information system, a true and correct entry. 8.
Not release official data other than what is required for the completion of my Job responsibilities. 9. Not exhibit or divulge the contents of any record, file or Information system to any person except as required for the completion of my Job esponsibilities. u lake every reasonaDle precautlon to prevent unautnorlzea access to any passwords, user identifications, or other information that may be used to access official information systems or records. 1 1 .
Limit access to information contained in or obtained from the systems to authorized persons. 12. Report any incidents of my non-compliance with the terms of this agreement to my supervisor. I further agree not to independently contract to perform or provide information technology services to other entities not associated with Seva Bharat while employed by the Department f Information Technology, or to use offcial resources in the delivery of privately contracted services.
I understand official resources include time, equipment, computers, tools, software, phone, email or other items that are provided by or acquired through my relationship as an employee of the Seva Bharat community. Page | 1 I understand and agree that my failure to comply with the terms of this agreement will have consequences and may result in disciplinary action up to immediate termination and criminal prosecution, depending upon the infraction’s severity, evidence of my intentions, and the sensitivity and scope of the information ompromised.

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