The Relational Model
Part I.
Please include the questions with your answers. Answer in complete sentences where applicable.

List the characteristics that a table must have to be considered a relation.
List two synonyms for “file,” two for “record,” and two for “field.”
What are the four uses of a primary key?
What are the desirable characteristics of a primary key?
What is a surrogate key and when do you use them?
What is a foreign key?
What is referential integrity and why is it important?
What are the three possible interpretations of a null value?
What is normalization? Why is it important?

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Part II.
After you install Microsoft Access, please use the Microsoft Website Support of Getting Started to learn the steps of creating a database for your assignment. You find the tutorials
Using Microsoft Access, create a small database of your own (do not use the examples given in the text or lectures). The database should have two tables that have a relationship through a foreign key. In this document please tell me the name of the primary key of each table and the name of the foreign key.
Please save your database and submit the database file (.accdb file) to this assignment in addition to the Word document containing the 9 questions here.

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