Article:  Applegate, A.J., & Applegate, M.D. (2004). The Peter effect. Reading habits and attitudes of preservice teachers. The Reading Teacher, 57(6), 554-563.

***All writing should follow the APA Style as outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition.

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Directions: The Introduction of your report is organized as a funnel that begins with a definition of why the experiment is being performed and ends with a specific statement of your research approach. In published journal articles, there are at least two citations required in the introduction that support the need for your research and experiments, or show upon which theories your experiment relies. Make sure to include at least two citations.

A non-technical reader must understand the Introduction, including the technical goals and objectives, the main technical issues, any applications in the real world (as appropriate). Provide context, any background required to understand the experiment. Explain the motivation for the project (as necessary), and provide a focus, a clear, one sentence purpose statement. Be sure to give your views and  focus on the  article.

Format: The length of the Introduction should typically be about ½ page (1-3 paragraphs).

Article is attach

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