intro to paralegal studies

Technology and Legal Research”  Please respond to the following:Identify at least two (2) commonly used law office technologies. Next, explain the main reasons why you think computer skills are essential for the paralegal in law offices and court systems.  Provide one (1) example of how such skills are so important.  Would you require everyone to have this skill or just make sure there is an expert in the office who can provide these skills? 

Explain the different legal ways that an agency relationship can be created. Then describe a relationship you are familiar with and explain how the elements of agency law apply to this relationship.
“Family Law”  Please respond to both of the following:
· Your friend asks for your advice about the merits of a pro se divorce to save costs and they have two children. What do you think are the primary legal issues that need to be considered by them if they want to use this procedure? 
· Identify the intellectual property rights that are owned by an organization where you currently or formerly have worked. Next, explain which intellectual property appears to be the most difficult for a business owner to protect.
“Paralegal Practice”  Please respond to the following:
· You are asked to interview a potential client.  What are the fundamental types of questions that you would ask?  Would the type of questions you ask change if you were interviewing a potential witness in a case?  Give an example of the type of questions you would ask in each situation and explain how you would disclose your role in the questioning. 

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