International business case

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International business case
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1. Provide a detailed overview of the performance of the Argentinian economy in recent times (past 12 months). Include the associated political and social reprecussions in your response. 

2.  Explain why Argentina has become the fastest growing market for Uber in the world.  Be sure to substantiate your explanation.

3.  Discuss the position taken by the government and the obstacles that it has placed in Uber’s growth path. 

4. What are your thoughts regarding: the reaction of the traditional taxicab companies? reaction of the Uber Hunters? 

5. Disruptive Uber has not been a profitable entity since its existence, yet it continues to grow its market share by charging lower fares than traditional taxicabs. Discuss the long term viability of Uber’s business model? Will it always be dependent on investor cash? Will it be able to maintain lower fares over time?

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