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At the end of this module, you are expected to write a reflective essay which ill be graded based on criteria presented at the latter part of the module. As you do the following tasks, you will be guided by the essential question. “How are preferences, feelings, and insights communicated in a reflective essay? Welcome to Module 2! Johanna Mae Y. Arena Activity 1: What lies beneath the Ink? Below are questions you have to answer. Each question represents a concept or idea which is about to be discussed in this module. Don’t leave any item unanswered! From “Once More Eremite” by Vaccination De la Tore 1 .
Before the International Monetary’ Fund (MIFF) conference, which “sprouted” there live-star hotels. Manila Hilton was the place to be seen at. 2. Noted journalist Carmen Guerdon Nanking, who is a native of Eremite, points out that Eremite was then a Toga Village peopled by free, energetic and handsome Malay who drank whine, wore gold bangles and treated each other and the Spanish newcomers with exquisite courtesy. 3. Those, whose beliefs in religion, in life, in just anything are unorthodox, air their views in Eremite’s Coffee Shops. 1-9 For items 1-9, do the following: 1. Underline the antecedent used in the statement. . Circle the relative pronoun; and Underline the relative clause twice. 3. 1-3 Before the International Monetary Fund (MIFF) conference, which “sprouted” other five-star hotels, Manila Hilton was the place to be seen at. Noted journalist Carmen Guerdon Nanking, who is a native of Eremite, points out that Eremite was then a Toga Village peopled by free, energetic and 7-9 Those, whose beliefs in religion, in life, in just anything are unorthodox, air 10. A type of essay which aims to reflect on a personal event or experienced of the author called a a. Persuasive essay b. Reflective essay c. Narrative essay d. Harasser sketch Johanna Mae Y. Erne 2 Processing points This activity will not be recorded, however your score is important to diagnose whether you have background knowledge of the topic. Activity 2: Reflective Circles What is a reflective essay? Try to dissect the idea using the Venn diagram below: Reflection Essay 3 Activity 3: Photo Reflection Below are interesting pictures that have to do with activities (both academic and leisure) in school. Fill out the table below. Write whatnot remember the most about the pictures. Fill out the table below: What is the picture all about? What does the picture remind you of?
Activity 4: Transport Below are comments about transportation vehicles. Write the transport talked about. (motor vehicle, plane, boat, train, tricycle, etc. ) Put a plus mark (+), if the remark made positive one or put a minus sign G) if it is a negative one or a statement of disapproval. a. My goodness! The noise it makes before it takes off is deafening because it has to gather speed so it can get off the ground. B. I’ll take this ride anytime. It is big. It does not rock with the waves. Besides that, it is very comfortable just like a floating hotel. C. Those smoke belching vehicles should be banned from the streets.

They pollute the air. Moreover they endanger our health. D. That power steering device makes driving very comfortable because the driver does not have to shift gears anymore. The machine helps him do it. 4 e. This is the fastest and cheapest way to travel. It’s fast for it has its own tracks to run on, hence it does not get caught up in traffic. F. They tie up traffic; not only that, they are also very noisy. They should be allowed only on the side streets. Isn’t it dangerous to go out to sea in that craft since it has only one outrigger? Won’t it capsize in rough seas because it is not balanced?
Activity 5: COHO -COHO train! Read the following questions. Copy your answers in your notebook. 1. What is the modern-day train model? 2. How does it differ from the other means of land travel? 3. What advantages does a train have over other land transports? 4. What are some of the disadvantages? 5. What comes into your mind when you hear the word train? Write your answers in the graphic organizer below. 5 Activity 6: The Question is Fill out the chart below. Important question about reflective essay Next important question Third important Least important Processing point C] Why is it your most important question? Activity 7: Check My Question! You have selected the most important question in Activity 6, now it is time to make an evaluation of your chosen question using the checklist below: Write your question here: Start evaluating your chosen question here: Characteristics of Essential Question Expressed Not Expressed . It has no simple “right” answer. It could be argued. 2. 3. It provokes critical thinking. 4. It raises other important questions. It is related to life. 5. Are all the characteristics expressed in your chosen question? If so, then your question is an essential question!
If not, try selecting another question and repeat the process enumerated in this activity. The correct answer is “How are preferences, feelings, and insights communicated in a reflective essay? 7 Reflective essay is a type of essay aimed to reflect personal event or experience Of the author. The main condition is that it has to be a certain personal experience on which the author expresses his very own perception about life. This experience or event is revealed in the essay in order to demonstrate its importance for understanding social relations and the essence of people.
Structure of a Reflective Essay Here is a probable scheme of a reflective essay: ; The aim of the opening paragraph is to get the reader involved in the authors expression of ideas including interesting details and personal experiences. The style must be very vivid and must appeal to the reader. ; The middle part reveals a good variety Of the author’s ideas on the topic. ; The concluding sentences summarize the main ideas and experiences highlighted in the essay. The author makes a reflection of his general perception of the given topic.
The introductory paragraph is used for describing the background of your topic, your role in it, and the reasons for choosing it. It is also important to mention your aim and goals for developing the reflective essay writing. In the u porting paragraphs you will explain the process of working on the reflective essay from its initial research to the final stages. Be sure to pay attention to both the weak and strong points; positive and negative experiences and any associated feelings. 8 To conclude your reflective essay efficiently, answer these questions: ; Did you achieve your goals? What would you like to change if you had another chance? ; What useful expertise have you obtained from the task? ; How could it be improved? Activity 8: Vocabulary in a Flash Below are phrases you will encounter while reading the essay ‘ ‘The World in a Train ” by Francisco Casino. What do you mean by a. Small world b. Abstraction called humanity c. Without regard to hygiene d. Hard- fought battle e. Fashion so distasteful complete indifference 9 One Sunday I entrained for Baling, a town in Vulcan which can well afford to hold two fiestas a year without a qualm. Kook the train partly because am prejudiced in favor of the government owned railroad, partly because I am allowed comparative comfort in a coach, and finally because trains sometimes leave and arrive according to schedule. In the coach I found a little world, a section of the abstraction called humanity homo we are supposed to love and live for. Had previously arranged to divide the idle hour or so between cultivating my neglected Christianity and smoothing out the rough edges of my nature with the aid of grateful sights without -? the rolling wheels, the flying huts and trees and light-green play seedlings and carbons along the way.
Inertia, I suppose, and the sort of reality we moderns know make falling in love with my immediate neighbors often a matter of severe strain and effort to me. Let me give a sketchy picture of the little world whose company Mans Koki shared in moments which soon passed away affecting most of us. First, there came to my notice three husky individuals who dusted their seats furiously with their handkerchiefs without regard to hygiene or the brotherhood of men. It gave me no little annoyance that on such a quiet morning the unpleasant aspects in other people’s ways should claim my attention.
Then there was a harmless-looking middle-aged man in green camas De chino with rolled sleeves who must have entered asleep. When I noticed him he was already snuggly entrenched in a corner seat, with his slipped feet comfortably planted on the opposite seat, all the while his head danced and dangled with the motion of the train. I could not, for the love of me, imagine how he would look if he were awake. A child of six in the next seat must have shared with me in speculating about the dreams of this sleeping man in green.
Was he dreaming of the Second World War or the price of eggs? Had he any worries about the permanent dominion status or the final outcome of the struggles of the masses, or was it merely the arrangement of the scales on a fighting roaster’s legs that brought that frown on his face? But the party that most engaged my attention was a family of eight composed of a short but efficient father, four very young children, mother, grandmother, and another woman who must have been the efficient father’s sister.
They distributed themselves on four benches – you know the kind of seats facing each other so that half the passengers travel backward. The more I looked at the short but young and efficient father the shorter his parts looked to me. His movements were fast and short, too. He removed his coat, folded it carefully and slung it on the back of his seat. Then he pulled out his wallet from the hip pocket and counted his money while his wife and the rest of his group watched the ritual without a word.
Then the short, young, and efficient father stood up and pulled out two nana leaf bundles from a bamboo basket and spread out both bundles on one bench and log luncheon was ready at ten o’clock. With the efficient father leading the charge, the children (except the baby in his grandmother’s arms) began to dig away with little encouragement and aid from the elders. In a short while the skirmish was over, the enemy – shrimps, omelet, rice and tomato sauce – were routed out, save for a few shrimps and some rice left for the grandmother to handle in her own style later.
Then came the water- fetching ritual. The father, with a glass in hand, led the march to the train acute, followed by three children whose faces still showed the marks of a hard-fought-battle. In passing between me and a person, then engaged in a casual conversation with me, the short but efficient father made a courteous gesture which is still good to see in these democratic days; he bent from the hips and, dropping both hands, made an opening in the air between my collector and me – a gesture which in unspoiled places means “Excuse Me. 10 In one of the stations where the train stopped, a bent old woman in black boarded the train. As it moved away, the old woman went about the coach, egging holding every prospective Samaritan by the arm, and stretching forth her gnarled hand in the familiar fashion So distasteful to me at that time. There is something in begging which destroys some fiber in most men. “Every time you drop a penny into a beggar’s palm you help degrade a man and make it more difficult for him to rise with dignity..
There was something in his beggar’s eye which seemed to demand. “Now do your duty. ” And did. Wily-nil I dropped a coin and thereby filled my life with repulsion. Is this Christianity? “Blessed are the poor But with what speed did that bent old Oman cross the platform into the next coach! While thus engaged in unwholesome thought, felt myself jerked as the train made a curve to the right. The toddler of the family of eight lost his balance and caught the short but efficient father off-guard.
In an instant all his efficiency was employed in collecting the shrieking toddler from under his seat. The child had, in no time, developed two elongated bumps on the head, upon which was applied a moist piece of cloth. There were no reproaches, no words spoken. The discipline in the family was remarkable, or was it because they considered the head as a minor anatomical appendage and was Hereford nor worth the fuss?
Occasionally, when the child’s crying rose above the din of the locomotive and the clinkers-clank of the wheels on the rails, the father would jog about a bit without blushing, look at the bumps on his child’s head, shake his own, and move his lips saying, “Task, Task”. And nothing more. Fairly tired of assuming the minor responsibilities of my neighbors in this little world in motion, I looked into the distant horizon where the blue Cordilleras merged into the blue of the sky. There rested my thoughts upon the billowing silver and grey of the clouds, lightly remarking upon their being a Arial to us, although they may not know it.
We each would mind our own business and suffer in silence for the littlest mistakes of others; laughing at their ways if we happened to be in a position to suspend our emotion and view the whole scene as a god would; or, we could weep for other men if we are the mood to shed copious tears over the whole tragic aspect of a world thrown out of joint. It is strange how human sympathy operates. We assume an attitude of complete indifference to utter strangers whom we have seen but not met. We claim that they are the hardest to fall in love with in the normal exercise of Christian charity.

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