Instincts, Knowledge and Personal Experience

Actually one didn’t even think at all. One was going by its instincts while the other was going by its knowledge. Now what’s more more important knowledge of stuff, or being able to imagine the stuff. Let’s say you’re building a house. If you have knowledge you’ll build a steady house, normal sized.
With your imagination you could’ve imagined a mansion with a pool, home theater, etc. So what is more important. Essay: Very early in the story the narrator was talking about how cold it is, and how that’s all that came to the mans head,” Oh,it’s cold. ” While the dog didn’t know it was below freezing he could read a thermometer, he knew this was no time to be out, and he wondered why the man hasn’t built a fire yet. The man kept walking and walking only thinking about how cold it is.
In this case he dogs instincts win. Dog 1- Man O Next case scenario is when the man sends the dog to go up front and check if it’s safe. The dog goes and falls on water, causing him to quickly lick his paws to get them heated so they wouldn’t freeze and get numb. Now the dog didn’t know what would happen if his feet got frozen, it was its instinct. The man also falls in water wetting his knees, he knew this would delay him an hour and that he had to build a fire.

He got a fire starting but because he kept boning the tree to grab branches, the snow from atop the tree fell down on the fire. He got angry and tried to build another fire, but his feet and hands were badly frozen. There was nothing he could do. The dog’s instincts win again. Dog 2-Man O Now there are many more scenarios and could keep going naming one by one then explaining but that will be boring. So IM going to shake things up a bit. The man has lots of knowledge as you know, but he doesn’t have knowledge of the things surrounding him, as it’s his first winter.

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Instincts, Knowledge and Personal Experience
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