Inquiry – Week 8

  pleas read all paper then do response.

Please prepare a response to each of the issues below.

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Inquiry – Week 8
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1. – The morning after pill is a form of emergency contraception  used after intercourse rather than before. It can be taken within five  days of intercourse and prevents fertilization of the woman’s egg or  implantation of an already fertilized egg. In the latter case its action  to abortifacient. In May of 2013 a Judge ruled that the morning after pill, key ingredient levonorgestrel, be made available without a prescription to females of any age, including children and  teenagers.  Some people believe that the judge’s ruling raises ethical  issues.  Do you agree? Discuss your answer with reference to the  criteria presented in this chapter: consequences, obligations, and moral  ideals.

2. .- The science of genetic testing is fast reaching  the point where it be determined whether people carry genes for  crippling, often fatal, diseases.Before long, employers may be able to  know in advance whether job candidates are likely to need time off fo  rillness; they can reject such candidates in advance. Further, health  insurance companies may deny policies to such individuals. They may even  refuse to reimburse parents for the delivery of a child known to be  disabled before birth. Evaluate the action in this case and apply what you’ve learned in this chapter and explain your reasoning carefully.

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