Individual Reflection (2 pages)

 This paper should reflect your personal observations about your experience with this service-learning project.  ((((( I attached the project ))))

Reflection is one of the most importance parts of service learning.
In fact, John Dewey stated, “We do not learn from experience…We learn from reflecting on experience.”

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Individual Reflection (2 pages)
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The reflection is not a summary of the event, but rather your impression and takes away from the experience.

You should look back on your project not only in the context of what you did, but also to how it relates to your life and decisions you will make in the future.

Your paper should be two pages, (single-spaced, 1” margins all around, times-new roman font) and address the following questions: 

1. How did this experience contribute to your professional development and better prepare you for the future? (Consider “soft skills” such as leadership, communications, collaboration, or dependability and “hard” skills such as increased skill in writing, analysis, or presentation.) 

2. What have you learned that you didn’t know at the beginning of the project? What was the most valuable thing you learned from this project and why was it valuable? What information did you find helpful? Now that you have completed this project, do you think differently, if so dsicuss?

3. How did this experience affect you personally? What new ideas, cultures or sub-cultures, groups of people, or social issues did you encounter? How were you affected by these encounters? How has the experience changed your responses to your Preflection? 

4. If applicable, discuss your team’s dynamics. What worked well within your team? What could your team have improved on to be more effective and productive? 

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