Impact of the Internet on Society

Dominic Lobban Impact of the Internet on Society The goal of this paper is to research and analyze the positive and negative effects of the internet and its integration with technology on people in their socialization, learning and interpersonal relationships. The internet offers many advantages and disadvantages to our society, therefore it is important to understand how the internet can affect our society so that we can all benefit from it. In recent decades, the internet has visibly impacted our lives and our daily patterns.
E-commerce, social-networks and search engines are just a few of the ways that have changed the way we work, communicate and acquire knowledge. For this paper, a survey was prepared by way of an online questionnaire as well as personal interviews in order to figure out in what was the internet was helping or hurting people in their own lives and to get a broader sense of its impact on society in general. A common assumption about today generation is that the youth area attached to their computers and mobile devices to their detriment.
It is thought that these people are often detached from society and are missing out on opportunities for social interaction and development resulting in an increase in loneliness and depression. Its is also seen as a substitute for in-person relationship especially when referenced to social networking sites, blogs and instant messengers. On the other hand, it can be said that this same technology has allowed people to form closer relationships than ever before. People are now able to meet new people, discuss topics and elaborate on ideas without having to deal with social barriers such as fears of offending people or shyness.

It can also allow for closer relationships between friends and family because they are able to facilitate closer communication among friends and family. For this study, the survey method was used through the use of questionnaires given to a small sample of people in online and in-person surveys. In this study, consideration to their age, sex or education status was taken as one entity and the similarities as well as differences and trends were analyzed. The survey method was picked for this study because it offered the opportunity to gather information about a larger number of subjects in the easiest way possible.
The problem with using the survey method is that is does not accurately represent the general population as a whole and the answers can sometimes be subject to bias and distortion. After analyzing the questionnaire, the findings show that most people who use the internet are teens and young adults who use the internet main for entertainment. They find it much easier to express themselves through text rather than in person especially when dealing with the opposite sex. As a result, they are better able to form close relationships especially with people they may not know in person.
However, teenagers are more likely to be victims of internet predators and be exposed to inappropriate language and content during a time in their life when they are still vulnerable and developing mentally. When people feel lonely, they get on the internet to chat with their friends or anonymous people but excessive use of the internet can lead to isolation from friends and family and result in depression. Ironically, people who are depressed tend to use the internet as an escape.
In addition, excessive use of the internet involving unproductive activities can result in a slow-down of mental growth and turn the users attention away from more constructive activities. Even so the internet is an important part of peoples lives as it allows for faster and better access to entertainment, shopping, information and communication. Some people have said that they have been successful in eliminating their reliance to these diversions and claim to be much happier because of it and there are people who claim that it makes their life better and that they could not life a day without it.
For many years during previous decades, there was a certain level of social stigmas regarding the internet and concern about its effect on to social skills of the new generation. To older people who did not grow up with the internet, it would appear that it was all but a lonely and time wasting activity when all they saw was their child or grandchild by them selves staring at a screen for a sizable amount of hours. In the current generation what grew up closely with it, they have embraced it as a part of their lives and express their new found freedom and inter-connectivity through the invention of things like Facebook and the Iphone.
The cliche that can be said though is that inevitably everything is bad if not done in moderation. The survey method was appropriate for this study because it was the most time-efficiency and relevant way to gather this type of information. The problem of accuracy can be addressed in a few ways. The first being to greatly increase the sample in order to reduce the influence of deviations and errors. The other is to incorporate observational studies in order to reduce bias and distortion. More detailed information can be gathered even though it might not be representative of the general public.

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