Impact of the American Culture

Impact of the Popular American Culture Melinda A. Valdez Soc. 105 March 17, 2010 Impact of the American Culture There are many advertisements being held by the media and television commercials that affect the American culture.
They do not just affect the adults but the children as well for instants, this week my children and I were watching the Disney channel and we saw a commercial of Chucky Cheese and right away my children say they want to go there, so to satisfy my children now I want to take them there so they could enjoy themselves and now I am going to have to spend money that I was not planning on and it might not even be that exciting to them as it was shown on TV.
In the past three days not only was I coming across kid commercials but make up products, red lobster, and movies that are just coming out, and when you see these they encourage you to go out and get them. These advertisements are not things that I have to have in life to survive; they are stuff to pleasure me and to entertain me as well. Personally I know that the media has impacted my lifestyle in many ways even though I am aware of the influence it has on my decision making.

For example, the makeup commercials, do I need the makeup more likely no but I see the commercial and see what it might make your skin look like and even though I know that they are doing it to sale there product it just looks so good that I have to try it. I honestly think I have more luxury in my house than what I really do need. Such as my television it is a sixty two inch do I really need a TV that big, no but it looks nice. Overall I do think that the media and advertising has a big impact on our American culture and yes we can say no to advertisements but we are more likely not to.

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