Complete the following as part of a single document and send to the instructor via class mail no later than the due date. Do not send each of the assignments below separately, but send them all together in a single document. These are short answer questions of the type that will appear on the exams.
Identifying ideas, concepts, and expressions. In a brief paragraph for each term (5-10 rich, full sentences for each one), identify and give the historical significance for THREE of the following, your choice. State in your own words the key facts — what, when, where — and why this concept is important to know in order to understand ancient world history. How was this idea significant in the course of history — how was it connected to the actions, decisions, or fundamental perceptions of people in the past? Or, how did this represent or symbolize developments in the society in which it appeared?
Note: Be sure to write about these as historical developments, for example stating where and when they originated. Giving a simple summary of them as abstract, timeless concepts will not fulfill the assignment. The historical part is key.
Xiao (Confucian term)
Wuwei (Daoist version)

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