Hypnosis Bootcamp

 Then I asked the parents to come back into the  
Hypnosis Bootcamp Review office and helped the child communicate constructively with them. To balance out the communication and relationship I also wrote one called Dear Child which the parents also worked with in the waiting room. After the parents heard the child’s requests and made agreements to do those things they had their turn to communicate what they wanted from their child. The results were amazing. All parties involved now had clear guidelines as to what they wanted from each other.

To help even more people I recorded a parenting tape. I called my publisher and asked him if he had any ideas of how I could promote the tape. He suggested that I send the hand-out to a publishing company that sent out a four page newsletter to over 40000 businesses. It sounded like a good idea so off it went. Months later I received the professional newsletter in the mail with a picture on the cover of a little girl sitting by an old fashioned desk. The title said An Open Letter From Every Child to Every Parent and under that was the first 10 statements. I was amazed at the results. I received many letters and phone calls from organizations requesting permission to reprint it in their publications. Needless to say I was pleased to touch so many people.

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A few months later my parents and brother flew from New York to California to attend my daughter’s wedding. I showed the newsletter to my father and to my surprise he said This is a poster! When my artist brother looked at it he expressed the same thing. We agreed that he would take it home and work on the graphics.

A year passed and my brother never did have the time to create an image for the poster. With faith and determination I took action. The first thing I did was to go to a neighborhood poster store and ask them what company they thought would be interested in my idea. They gave me the name of a publisher in California. I mailed it to them and they were not interested but offered to send it to another company.


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