How to Get Your Drivers License.

Getting your driver’s license is probably at the top of any sixteen year olds list, because everyone knows how important it is to them to be independent and it can be seen as the first real step in making that step from childhood to adulthood. However, getting your driver’s license isn’t just a real simple thing. It involves getting your permit first, taking a driver’s education class, and then of course the actual driving part. Knowing this information can ensure you that you are one step closer to driving on your own. To start off, you have to get the learner’s permit.
There usually is a fee and you must bring your birth certificate, social security card, attendance and grades from school, and insurance, if you already have a car. You would have to pass the vision screening, the written test over the rules and regulations, and be at least 16 years old. Be aware that if you fail the written test, you cannot take it again until the next day. After you get the permit, you must remember that unfortunately you can only drive with a family member who is at least twenty one and one other person in the car with you.
Also, you have to have had the learner’s permit for at least six months before you can take the class. Secondly, take a driver’s education class. With this, you must have seven hours in a car, twenty hours behind the wheel, thirty two classroom hours and pass the final driving/written test with a seventy or higher. The class usually consists of a bunch of people around sixteen or seventeen years old, some maybe older. How much it will cost depends on the school you choose. Furthermore, in this class you will watch videos and learn what to do and what not to do. You even watch the accident videos that make you want to cry.

There will also be little quizzes and assignments given by the instructor to make sure you are learning properly. Finally, the last and most important thing is the actual driving. This is where your skills and knowledge are really put to the test. They assign everyone a driving partner, and both take turns driving for fourty five minutes to an hour. However, Before you can pass and get that driver’s license, you must be able to parallel park, merge on and off highways, highway drive in general, answer any questions the instructor has, change lanes, back up, and do a three point turn.
They also test you on knowing where everything is like the turn signals, buttons for windshield wipers and breaks, etc. Once you are done with the test and you have passed with a seventy or higher, you will receive your certificate stating that you are now a licensed driver and then all you need to do is go take a picture and get the driver’s license from the DPS (Department of Public Safety) office. Congratulations you made it! You started off from getting your permit, taking the driver’s education class, passing the final driving test and finally wound up with your driver’s license. Here are your keys – now get driving!

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